Julianne Hough's Ankle-Wrap Sandals and Flowing Tangerine Dress are perfect for an Italian Getaway

Julianne Hough will be taking advantage of the reduced travel restrictions this week and voyaging to Positano in Italy.

Julianne Hough's Ankle-Wrap Sandals and Flowing Tangerine Dress are perfect for an Italian Getaway

"I found the most beautiful fruit stand by the Positano cliffside and the charming Italian owner took my phone from me and said 'photoshoot'. He then started taking these photos! I have become a permanent resident of Italy, and I will continue to be a fruit vendor from now on. BaBye," Hough wrote in her caption.

The actress chose to wear ankle-wrap sandals as her footwear choice for the candid moment. Ankle-wrap sandals are a favorite of Kristin Cavallari and Lizzo. They feature heels that run across the ankle and calf, giving them a unique look and support.

Flat sandals are a common summer shoe choice for Hough. For example, Hough posed last month with Nina Dobrev, a fellow actress and Fresh Vine Wine cofounder, to show off their new billboard at Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Hough wore a silky green tank and a white mini skirt with a buttoned bottom. For an easy fit, the rainbow slide sandals were the perfect finishing touch to the ensemble. The multicolored pair had a crisscross-cut upper on top of a flat leather bottom.

Julianne Hough prefers to wear more athletically-oriented clothing for her off-duty looks. In partnership with Kinrgy's fitness program, she joined forces last year with Fit On to offer on-the-go classes. This gave her millions of Instagram followers a sneak peek of her workouts. She has a wide range of workout-chic outfits, including matching leggings with metallic sneakers and blush pink combos that are perfect for yoga poses.

Hough can be found wearing designer clothes from Stella McCartney, Georges Chakra and Madga Butrym, even when she's not in her Lululemon leggings and her Hoka One One sneakers. Hough continues her active lifestyle as an ambassador for MPG Sports, FitBit and Stella McCartney.

These similar wrap sandals will suit all summer looks.

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