Sex in the shower: Two freshmen mix up the summer house

The follow-up couple Vanessa Marioposa and Diogo Sangre arouse the displeasure of the flatmates.

Sex in the shower: Two freshmen mix up the summer house

The follow-up couple Vanessa Marioposa and Diogo Sangre arouse the displeasure of the flatmates. Sporty, revealing and also on the winning side: "Dude, how unfair!" So was the 7th episode of "Summer House of the Stars".

"Sorry! I can't stand that! I'm 180, dude! So humorless, that's unbelievable!" Man, "dude"! Someone is letting off a lot of steam!

In all friendship: Could it be that the new roommate Christina Grass doesn't like our Stephen? How is that possible when the gifted actor wears such a charming smile that always seems a little as if he were preparing for the film adaptation of a Stephen King horror novel. Title: The Man Who Always Smiled.

When Stephen puts on a friendly face, you always have the feeling that you urgently need to look over to the firewood and check whether the ax is still in the chopping block. Of course, the scrawny smile that makes your blood run cold is just one he wants to use to express his "admiration". Or to put it in the words of influencer Christina: "Woah, dude, ey!"

The group dynamics are not particularly good at the summer house at the moment. Couples bitch at each other because they don't harmonize in the games and then with fitness model Vanessa Mariposa and her Diogo Sangre two new ones come up, where you ask yourself: From which TV format should you know the two? "Ah, they're the ones who fucked right away!"

It is absolutely understandable that the old hands are skeptical about the newcomers. You've been toiling away at the games for weeks, and then two jocks just come into the house and reduce the chances of winning. Unfair! Because of all the excitement about it, the fact that farmer Patrick first insults his Antonia as a "bird", but then wins an exhausting furniture mover game with her, almost falls down.

Speaking of games: These are nice to look at, but seem artificially stretched out. There are also various speculations about this, which are said to be related to the departure of the quarrelsome Sindermann and Hambüchen. A lot wasn't shown and maybe that's a good thing in this case. In other situations, on the other hand, one would have wished that the scenes had been broadcast. The Mölders couple were also lamenting their disappointment with the cut these days. They would have had so much fun in the house. There were wonderful, deep moments. But many events have been completely taken out of context and would now give an impression that did not actually happen.

But what happened exactly as it is finally served to us – the viewers? Ms. Marioposa and Diego have sex in the shower! You can't cut anything and reassemble set pieces. And sometimes a drawn shower curtain reveals more than it hides.

Also great: teasing about the newcomers behind their backs. At first Stephen finds it "exciting" when "the cards are reshuffled", but only until his wife Katharina bursts into tears because of this lousy move. Excitement in episode 7: Patrick, the old fart, pretends to beg his Antonia for cuddles. In truth, he fervently indulges in his outgoing flatulence under the covers.

We urgently need to talk about the candidates' differing ideas about their "fame". Farmer Patrick makes fun of the "Ex on the Beach" format, in which Mariposa and the likeable tattoo artist took part. Just a moment, dear Patrick, what is "Farmer Seeks a Wife" again? Oh, and of course high culture.

Perhaps the people's constant moaning is only due to their tight nerves. Because the newcomers can win one of the most difficult games and are therefore serious competitors. Mario, meanwhile, seems to have lost all hope of victory. He suffers from increasing pain. It's only a matter of time before "grandpa with the electric blanket" voluntarily leaves the field.

In the meantime, whoever wins the race and becomes "Celebrity Couple of the Year 2022" is hardly interested. Some have been separated for a long time, some relationships are about as solid as an eggshell and even the love of the newbies Vanessa and Diogo is said to be over by now.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.)

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