Sommerhaus der Stars – Episode 9: "Dumb in the head, just no bite"

Farmer Patrick shoots himself completely out of control, Cosimo is finally a winner and the Dürrs have lost on the battlefield.

Sommerhaus der Stars – Episode 9: "Dumb in the head, just no bite"

Farmer Patrick shoots himself completely out of control, Cosimo is finally a winner and the Dürrs have lost on the battlefield. The penultimate episode of "Summer House of the Stars" also has something good: Finally, Patrick's juice is turned off.

"You're not the strongest, but the heaviest woman here," farmer Patrick dissed his partner and it shouldn't have been the last time that day. The mood in the summer house is currently changing, which is partly due to the fact that Antonia is "dumb in the head, has no bite" and simply "can't do anything", on the other hand that the "Sidekicks" are now "against the Originals" rebel

What actually came first? The chicken or the egg? The fact is: the latecomers announce their right to exist in the house to the "top dogs" and hey, farmer Patrick: Could you please stop making constant pejorative comments about women's bodies? So he babbles about Vanessa, she doesn't have any curves, there's nothing real about her and unfortunately his Antonia used to be "fat", from which she still has "a wide pelvis", which is certainly also due to her eating habits .

One could also counter the farmer's disgusting body shaming with a slightly modified saying from Dürr's "Mindset" and say: "Hopefully you'll be kicked out for your misogynist statements on the spot!" Because the way he publicly exposes his partner in particular, shames and manipulates her, it is difficult to bear.

We need a little positivity now. Yay! Cosimo and Natalie win the "Exit Challenge" against the Dürrs! This is certainly also due to the ingenious, psychological warfare of the checker from the Neckar, who casually asks Stephen before the game: Do you feel like losing? While the men hold baskets attached to ropes in the air, the women have to throw small sandbags into the opponent's basket. While Dürr barks: "Baby please! I can't breathe anymore!" Cosimo starts to sing and dance.

Of course, Stephen only lost because his basket ended up being heavier than himself. "It's just physics." But: "Losing on the battlefield is better than being voted out."

While "the originals" compete with the "sidekicks" in "tornado drinking", Antonia stands alone in front of a mountain of dishes. And of course she's "fucked up" because "no one wanted to help her"! Not a day goes by that she isn't treated condescendingly by her partner. This is also the case in the high-altitude challenge: "I'll hold the bar for you".

The 22-year-old, who is afraid of heights, overcomes herself and surpasses herself. She climbs, she cries, she supports Patrick wherever she can, while he says, as usual, disparagingly, when she doesn't manage to stow away the heart to be played properly: "I do Spider-Man on the wall and she doesn't even get it open the bag."

Shortly after the game, Antonia suffers a panic attack. Tears roll down her cheek. She's breathing heavily. Her friend ignores the sad condition in which his "sweetheart" is and is once again only "focused on himself": "I have a stomach ache of death." Finally he replies: "I prefer to fight for two, then I know that I did it right."

"The full-time influencers" win the big game. But unfortunately, the joy about it is short-lived, because the focus is once again placed on the verbal gaffes of the toxic farmer. He puts his Antonia back on immensely. "I don't know what happened to you today! You've lost the sparkle in your eyes," he teases her after the second lost game in the last episode before the final.

When Antonia withdraws and tells him that she is afraid of getting sick, he says: "In my head maybe! (...) You don't win a flower pot. (...) I don't see a bite there." And once again he instills in her that something is wrong with her: "It must be your head, darling!"

The other summer cottagers don't miss how much the farmer always blames his partner for everything. Let's do it like Cosimo instead: Let's ignore the manipulator and play "Journey to Eskimo" instead.

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