Sustainable investment to take care of the planet

The blue planet is dangerously a gray. And, at the moment, it is the only one we have to live. The evidence of the excesses that the human footprint leaves

Sustainable investment to take care of the planet

The blue planet is dangerously a gray. And, at the moment, it is the only one we have to live. The evidence of the excesses that the human footprint leaves in nature extends. From the academic and scientific sphere, it has caught up to public opinion, which finally sees it as a priority. A recent study by the multinational research of Ipsos markets and the Eurasia consultancy for the AXA Group, for example, reflects that climate change exceeds the Coronavirus as the greatest threat perceived by the population for the coming years. The solution, however, will not be simple, do not deceive ourselves. Neither cheap. That is why finances have a lot to say.

Because, as Enrique Vinal, Director of Resources Santander Spain, "Maybe there may consider that 'how green' is fashionable, but it is a phenomenon that goes far beyond, it is not a passenger, but an economic and social revolution in favor. of a sustainable transition that allows the world to continue growing, but without compromising resources and well-being of future generations. "

To transcend that feeling of mere fashion, it is essential to delve into the perception of citizenship, which must be understood that it is not just about a recurring talks, but a decisive task in which finances should play a key role. "It lacks a lot of information about the true nature of these investments, and what is there is quite 'messy'. It is necessary a common effort of all the actors to spread and educate about sustainable investment."

A gradual effort, which will win ground. "The level of depth will increase, but it should be part of the educational programs in general, especially at the university and graduate levels. At a very basic level, primary and secondary education develops the integration of training on sustainability. As for investment advice, every time we see more necessary an officially recognized certification in the industry to ensure that knowledge about ESG of commercial teams are suitable. "

The acronym ESG "are the three pillars on which the integration of sustainability is based," vinal: "environmental (E), social (s) and governance or corporate governance (G). Each pillar has a series of Metrics and improvement objectives that each actor adapts to his needs and the best practices of his industry and region. "

Fortunately, the relevance of these instances is "growing; in the field of financial investments in Europe, it has become a central importance, with regulation on sustainability in investments in full development and implementation." Vinal explains how the corresponding team of Santander Asset Management develops all that arsenal of metrics and methodologies: "They allow us to identify, classify and 'ranken' all the financial assets in which it is invested based on your ESG rating, and, therefore, discriminate in your case the best of the worst sustainable attributes in each investment universe. " It is not, then, mere good intentions, but of well-solid and extended parameters.

The result influences, of course, in the care we owe to nature, but not only that ... sustainability also has a prize in the here and now of the balance sheets. "Companies with the best ESG notes are favored by investors and funders, since they have a lower cost of capital and a higher demand for institutional investors. In the long term, the implementation of sustainable and demanding sustainable strategies in companies favors the entry of Flows to those assets. There is more to see the enormous growth of ESG dedicated investment funds in recent years around the world. "

We are, therefore, with a double acycate that makes this scope very seductive. But how can the average citizen, without great resources, let yourself be seduced and financed in green? Fortunately, banking has improved its offer of financial products and services to support customers in their transition to a green economy. In the case of Santander Spain, Vinal aims a good catalog of examples.

On the one hand, there are "ESG investment funds, which make up these factors in decision-making, as well as other funds that make up sustainable strategies and ESG thematic or that measure environmental and social impact." But, in addition, vehicles are offered as concrete as "financing of real estate promotions with the highest certifications of energy efficiency; photovoltaic leasing for the installation of self-consumption solutions for both individuals and companies; Loans for green reform for individuals and companies; Renting Ecological car; Line Bei Agro for the financing of energy-saving and energy efficiency projects that reduce consumption and CO2 emissions; loans for purchase of ecological car; Loans linked to sustainability or green mortgages ".

The latter, as it appears again the problem of housing, especially calls attention: if the mortgage housing has an energy rating or A +, or is considered sustainable housing in accordance with the appropriate certificates issued by recognized companies of the sector, it will have a Bonus at the price of the mortgage, green guarantees (banking guarantees with sustainable characteristics.

Date Of Update: 27 March 2022, 13:21

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