Throughout the years, technology advancement has dramatically impacted the marketing methods in every field


Throughout the years, technology advancement has dramatically impacted the marketing methods in every field.  Web-based social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. have become an integral part of marketing through which one can reach a wider audience nationally and globally too.

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways one can choose for a video showcasing as it has billions of active users. With such a massive gathering of the database, it has turned out to be significantly progressive to make a convincing marketing strategy. Here we are discussing the best tips that you need to know regarding facebook video marketing. So have a look:

1)    Videos should be precise and captivating

In such a busy world, it is extremely crucial to make a video short yet stimulating. If you produce correct videos with a convincing story, then you will be able to wind up a large amount of audience in no less time. In other words, a video must pass on the ideal message to the audience before they lose their interest in your video. You can make an impact on the viewers by developing videos full of incredible visual portrayal and an excellent plot. Facebook suggests that a video should be of 2-3 minutes to gather broad reach.

2)    Focus on the golden video

You need to remember that if you are utilizing Facebook video marketing, you have five to ten seconds to snare your audience. This is the golden thing that you need to use if you want to make a long-lasting impact on your viewers. The way to make a video with which your audience can connect to is by utilizing content and excitement in a true extent.

You have to remember that MP4 format works really best when it comes to Facebook video.For this reson, if you have video in QuickTime format, for example, we recommend you to use QuickTime to mp4 video converter. so, you can attract lot of audience on your Facebook video.

Therefore, make sure that your video should be much compelling that your audience recalls it in the long run. Your video narration should be engaging and understandable even without audio. Adding social cues to the video also makes it more captivating to view.

3)    Know about your viewers

To make your content engaging, it is fundamental to pick up a superior comprehension of your audience or onlookers. Find out where your intended interest group is and make efforts to attract them on your side. Look at the things that they are searching for, what they like, and what they ultimately want. Then your next step should be to cater them with the product that they want for their satisfaction. The moment you start understanding the psychology of your audience, you can start making the videos that convey quicker and higher outcomes. If your video can give the solution to the problems of your audience, it will take no time spread like a virus. Therefore, make sure that your video is conveying the exact thing that your onlookers are searching for.

4)    Upload videos directly on facebook

In the present time, video marketing is done by considering the intended interest groups and additionally the social channels. Therefore, it is always suggestible to make your video exclusively for Facebook and upload them directly on the pathway to remain inside the rules stipulated by the circuit. If your video content is inside the prerequisites of facebook, then you will have an additional advantage. You can achieve more viewers on your content and also it is better noticeable to the algorithms made by the facebook. Not only this, if you upload the video directly on Facebook, you will get a profit of auto play support. This component furnishes your video with the brilliant window even while the client is looking down the feed.

5)    Select a charming thumbnail

Thumbnail plays a very crucial role in video marketing as a thumbnail makes interest in a video. As one chooses a suitable logo configuration for attracting more people, similarly various considerations are required to make a thumbnail. Facebook advertisement creation enables the users to utilize another picture or pick a view from the video to be used as a thumbnail. A spellbinding thumbnail can pull maximum users regardless of whether if it auto-plays or not. You can include some more content to make thumbnail all the more persuading for the viewers but keep in mind the text policy of, i.e. you need to add 20% text to your video content.

6)    Take advantage of Facebook highlights

Facebook has various amazing highlights that can be used to increase the interaction between users. Facebook live and facebook 360 are some of the highlights that act as a unique medium between the makers and the audience. These tools are highly profitable when one wants to tell the audience about the upcoming events or providing updates about the page. Uploading the facebook stories are also another medium to communicate, and it is becoming lovable of all the vloggers in present time.

7)    Schedule your video timings

Making a good video is not enough if you are not scheduling your video time. To make your efforts fruitful, you should plan to upload your videos in the peak time so that it can gather many audiences. There are certain hours in which people like to spend their time scrolling the news feed and that time is perfect for you to upload your video. One should make the best use of this peak time and prepare a video schedule according to it.


If you are planning to be a video blogger and thinking about doing video marketing, then these were some tips that you need to know before going to perform this. You should always make your video short and stimulating so that it can create a long-lasting impact on your audience and additionally they can recall your impressions, pictures, content, and video in the long run.

Date Of Update: 19 December 2018, 06:21

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