Conspiracy theories: The secret behind it

Oh, how relieving when a dark explanation suddenly emerges from nothing! The conspiracy theory has become a mental way out of the crisis.

Conspiracy theories: The secret behind it
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    When people were still using windows, so in grey time, y landed regularly in safe mode. In safe mode, fewer functions were available, so everything was easier and clearer. Most of time, operating system switched to Safe mode when nothing else was going on.

    It seems that Safe mode has returned to analogue world, to political discourse of a entangled world. Heads no longer go up properly. They end up in a mode that is less graphic and less complex, in mode of conspiracy ory. This is why this mode is so attractive and widespread because it summarizes several processes that would normally be calculated individually.

    The conspiracy ory is no longer mode of lunatics who stand in pedestrian zone and preach, y can no longer exotisieren to edge. It is mental way out of middle, exists in head of influential publicists, in Bundestag. Not only in AfD. Christian Lindner justifies need for a committee of inquiry, stating that conspiracy orists must be deprived of foundation. Which makes him superficially opposed to conspiracy ories, but at same time ennobles m. It appears that Lindner considers ory behind official by waving refugees a political grand-scale, for Widerlegenswert.

    The more complex world's footprint in our perception, higher risk that head will switch to safe mode. When a civil war erupts in Syria, which becomes more complicated every day, from year to year, with participation of Iran, Russia, USA, terrorists, Islamists, Salafists, Kurds, when hundreds of thousands flee, some religious, some not Nice, or not, everyone with ir own biography – when se people march down over fields and suddenly stand before us, as a challenging fact, as a mosaic of millions of stories, n it is tempting to suspect a general plan behind it. For example, Angela Merkel's project to completely exchange German population. Let someone prove it's not like that!

    In downward vortex

    How relieving if nothing suddenly comes out of sinistre truth. Fans of Star Wars know this: this warm shiver that comes over when Darth Vader finally confesses to his farhood.

    This shiver must also be felt by publicist Jakob Augstein, when he comes to conclusion of all thinking about global Wirrnis, world suffers from an "israeliization". Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is "sadly" one of most successful politicians in world. The West, as Augstein wrote or day on Spiegel Online, has gone on an "Israeli way". France, according to Israeli model, now has traits of a police state. Instead of mentioning visible reason for more security arrangements between Paris and Nice, namely Islamist attacks with hundreds of dead, insinuated Augstein a behind it, something metaphysical, a mysterious force. From re it is no longer far to classic of conspiracy ory, to centuries-old belief in "World Judaism", which has been under age of Middle Ages to hold strings in hands of world.

    This belief also animated those bald-headed men who moved with torches through Charlottesville in Virginia last year. "Jews will not replace us," y roared. Which is strange. It was thought that Trump-America was existentially by machines, perhaps even by German cars and Chinese. But why of Jews? The metaphysical conspiracy belief is evidently consoling for its own failure. A statement that also appeals to Turkish President. In downward spiral of inflation, Erdoğan roars against his people, "Zinslobby" is to blame for misery. He might really believe it.

    Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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