Cultural Award: Aleida and Jan Assmann receive the Peace Prize of the book Trade

In their studies, Aleida and Jan Assmann are committed to a culture of remembrance. For this, the research couple is honored with the Peace Prize of the German book trade.

Cultural Award: Aleida and Jan Assmann receive the Peace Prize of the book Trade

The peace Prize of German book trade, a renowned cultural award in Germany, goes to a couple this year: Literary and cultural scientist Aleida Assmann and Egyptologist and cultural scientist Jan Assmann get toger With a 25,000 Euro prize.

The foundation board, which annually determines prizewinners, justified his decision by saying that couple Assmann "in his work has been mutually inspired and complemented for decades".

The 71-year-old Aleida Assmann in her scientific work " repeatedly new virulent mes of history oblivion and remembrance culture." In opinion of Board of Trustees, it makes "a great deal of enlightenment on questions of a nation's cultural memory". Her work shows that an open and honest approach to past is a fundamental condition for peaceful co-existence. The 79-year-old Jan Assmann, who is researching as a Egyptologist and cultural scientist, has initiated through his work "international debates on fundamental questions about cultural and religious conflicts of our time". It provides "an indispensable contribution to understanding of readiness and peace of religions in today's World society". The two-part work of couple is of great importance for contemporary debate culture.

The foundation, which awards peace Prize of German book trade, is according to its own statute "peace, humanity and understanding of peoples". The prize is awarded to "a personality who has contributed to realisation of peace idea in fields of literature, science and art in an excellent way."

Last year, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood was awarded Peace Prize of German book trade. 2016, publicist Carolin Emcke had received prize.

The award will be awarded only in October. Traditionally, ceremony is held at end of Frankfurt Book Fair in Paulskirche, in which 1848 had met National Assembly.

Date Of Update: 13 June 2018, 12:02

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