Denis Johnson: A sudden sadness at the pace of life

In the presence of death, existence shines. The Tales 34;D He generosity of the Mermaid 34; of the 2017 deceased Denis Johnson are shining miniatures about it.

Denis Johnson: A sudden sadness at the pace of life
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    If it is true that at moment of death whole Lebenim quickly passes by, n Denis Johnson's narrative band is generosity of mermaid a poetic frozen frame of this finalenMoments. Since his early successes – angels, Jesus ' son – great contemporary narrator, who died in May 2017 of liver cancer, has used Nähedes death as a contrast film, in which small and großenIntensitäten of life shine all brighter. In view of his diagnosis of cancer, words with which he ends narrative triumph over tomb, however, neir flirtatious nor overly metaphysical to understand – y sindeinfach only sad and true: "You should be clear that I, at moment I write this, Not dead. But if you read it, maybe already. "

    No wonder that Johnson's characters – three Leidlicherfolgreiche, a young rowdy, and a junkie on deprivation – are inaccessible to same Malaise: a sudden "sadness over dasTempo of life." Whit, a skilled advertising professional at beginning of sixty, is derartübermannt by this sentiment that he threatens to lose control of his car. Memories fall on him; But instead of working WichtigstenStationen of his life (career, marriage, children) in time-lapse, johnsonin is accustomed to laconic everyday mishaps and bizarre Zufälleaneinander: from dinner party where an Afghan veteran Dazuaufgefordert is to be presented with his leg stump, to a obszönenAngebot on a New York toilet, behind which award ceremony, which had travelled to DerWhit, completely faded. The common parameters of social success makes Johnson nonchalant left. Whits Ehefrauagiert as a "good companion" in background; Through his two daughters Erfahrenwir only that y are "neir beautiful nor clever."

    The fear of Vergessenwerden

    Instead, a narrative of mortality is condensed into Whit's memory, which is zunächstdurched to him by third parties, but n becomes increasingly self-impaired. Whit's colleague leads interviews with a prisoner on death row; An eccentric, religious painter saves cell phone of a deceased person from DemGebüsch. In next vignette, Whit finds himself again on Trauerfeierfür same painter and gets to hear that he was his best friend. Whit wonders. "Tony's best friend? (...) I barely knew him. " In his confusion, fear of one's own Auslöschungmit, a Vergessenwerden that may have long since been used – here in midst of life – is clearly vibrating.

    "Destiny and self-frugal, so to speak as widows of ir own", three mid-sixties (besides advertising expert two writers) live towards end. But also two jüngerenProtagonisten, junkie and convict, who could have sprung directly from Johnson's narrative band, Jesus ' son, carry heavily autobiographical traits.

    A peculiar shrinkage feeling

    "I got too close to edge and Rausgeschleudertworden," writes 32-year-old mark in "Starlight", a HeruntergekommenenEntzugsklinik, to his youth love, to far and grandma, to Satan and Pope. Sohätte It is possible to think of it, Johnson would not have denied alcohol and drug use in early 1980s. Thus mark "Fishing hook", which marks on advice of his rapist in form Nieabgeschickter letters ejects, at same time forks and turning points, Vondenen from author alternate life paths through, parallel life, diemal more, sometimes less close to death Along Schrappen. "Why aren't Sieeigentlich dead?", Mark is repeatedly asked by astonished doctors – after all, young man, apart from his drug excesses, was Bereitsmehrfach shot and run over. And this question may be met by thinkers of Johnson's Poetics: The idea that time of ir own Todesnicht is to be located in future, but rar in past.

    In triumph over tomb, a writer travels to Einerabgelegenen Ranch in Texas to see his old friend Darcy in DemRechten. It communicates, according to reliable sources, for some time now only with his late bror and his verstorbenenSchwägerin. Darcy doesn't even deny it. The visitor tries it nunmit pragmatic logic: wher Darcy would have reminded ghosts that siebereits are dead? Darcy reacts indignantly. No! What would you think if I said to you now: Hey, man, you should be dead? " DerSchriftsteller remains set to a response. In fact, on DemWeg to Darcy's ranch, he had a peculiar "shrinkage feeling" that became stronger with JederGrenze he passed: Four well-secured gates, EinenBach and finally a swarm of vultures. Does he already have Styxüberquert?

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