Disney and Fox: Showdown in Hollywood

Netflix puts the big Hollywood studios under pressure. Their strategy is now: to devour the competitors! But what does it do with the movies?

Disney and Fox: Showdown in Hollywood
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    Hollywood is currently delivering a spectacle that has nothing to do with superheroes, aliens or impending demise of world. What is listed is an economic crime story of first kind. How showdown runs out is not yet fixed, but it is certain: at end, when credits are running and light is on, a classic film studio will be in dust.

    20th Century Fox, 1915 as Fox Films founded, Mor of classics such as Cleopatra (1963) and Star Wars (1977), with stars such as Tyrone Power, Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin, will n be history, merged with anor Hollywood studio. What remains of film production company is still unclear; But it will not be much more than famous logo with dramatic fanfare.

    This is historical dimension of unprecedented bidder contest website, who is currently playing. At end of last year it was announced that media mogul Rupert Murdoch wants to repel Fox studio, which has been part of his empire 21st Century Fox since 1985. There is also TV studio, cable channel FX (Fargo), Streamingplattform Hulu (The Maid's Tale) and European channel Sky. Murdoch only retains Donald Trump's favorite Fox News Channel and or TV channels.

    The biggest interest in Fox has been direct competitor Disney, which initially offered 52.4 billion dollars. Surprisingly, Comcast's conglomerate, oldest Hollywood studio in Universal (founded 1912), also rose. The group offered 65 billion in cash. As a result, Disney put 71.3 billion dollars on table, payable in half in cash and in shares. Rumor has it that Comcast is just preparing a new offer. So an end to competition does not seem to be in sight yet. The better chances are now being attributed to Disney, because cartel guards have already agreed to deal under conditions.

    Beyond headlines that crime story provides in newspapers ' economic parts, planned merger is a sign of a major transformation process in American entertainment industry. Hollywood is skinning. In this place, which is not a geographical, but one of imagination, more than a hundred years ago, a few people managed to make an industry out of art of visual storytelling, and through ir star system and skillful marketing at same time A yearning. Here Art and Commerce merge in a whimsical way and still lure a worldwide audience into cinemas.

    The pressure of conditions now forces this industry to adapt. Plenty late, you might think. On or hand, this industry has never changed as fast as it has been in recent years. Netflix is name of group that launched and continues to drive this upheaval.

    Updated Date: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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