Fire attack in Jüterbog: Long prison sentence for father of a arsonist

A man should have instigated his son to throw a Molotov cocktail at a refugee home in Jüterbog. The District Court of Potsdam imposed a prison sentence.

Fire attack in Jüterbog: Long prison sentence for father of a arsonist

The far of a man who had perpetrated a fire attack on a refugee home in Brandenburg Jüterbog was sentenced to six years in prison for attempted murder. The 45-year-old had instigated his n 20-year-old son and anor young man to deed, judged District Court Potsdam. The accomplice also received three years of juvenile punishment for attempted murder.

In October 2016, two young men had thrown a Molotov cocktail on a facility in which minor refugees were accommodated. A fire set bounced off wall, or put a curtain in a storage room on fire. No one of 20 residents was injured.

After fact, two different processes occurred. In first trial, one of two young men was sentenced to a two-year probationary sentence in November and 200 social hours in a refugee home. A second, separate procedure was conducted against his far and accomplice.

The broadcaster RBB reports that far is a staunch right-wing extremist. On day of deed he should have sent his son to buy gasoline, n three would have decided on a campfire to "torch" accommodation. According to Potsdam District Court, far built Molotov cocktails for perpetrators.

In Germany, number of right-wing extremist acts of violence declined significantly last year. Despite this, xenophobic attacks remain a problem: in first half of 2018, according to Federal Criminal Police Office, re was still almost every second day a crime in connection with asylum accommodation.

Date Of Update: 10 July 2018, 12:02

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