6 Mistakes You Make When Paying So-So Companies for Help with Writing Essays

It’s true. Sometimes we all need a little help with getting our work done on time and to a high standard

6 Mistakes You Make When Paying So-So Companies for Help with Writing Essays

It’s true. Sometimes we all need a little help with getting our work done on time and to a high standard. It used to be that your friends would help you write your essays (and I remember being one of those friends!) but it is increasingly the case that students are turning to the services of writing companies for help.

However, choose the wrong company and the consequences could be extreme.

Surely all writing companies are the same?

No! No two writing companies are alike so it is incredibly important that you do your research when selecting a writing company to provide you with essays. Some writing companies use the services of experts to write their essays (and you’ll pay more) and others, well, don’t.

Obviously, as a student money will be tight but it is a false economy to try and save money by going with one of the cheaper, quick turnaround companies. These companies are often just writing mills, churning out work to the cheapest bidder who will produce work of an extremely poor quality because a) the writing companies pay their writers a pittance for the work they do, and b) they do not use experts to write their essays. For all you know, the essay you buy from them could be written by a 14-year-old who is learning English as a second language.

I’m still not convinced.

If you’re still not convinced, then let me make the situation absolutely clear.

A mediocre writing agency:

  • Does not use experts or even university students to write their essays. They use people with no qualifications in the subject because those people are cheaper.

  • If people with no qualifications are writing your essay for you, how do you know that it is going to be any good? They could be writing about chemistry one day and politics the next. Badly.

  • Cheap writing companies buy in essays themselves from other agencies. They don’t care at all whether the writing is original and unique. After all, you’ll be the one facing the consequences when the essay fails the plagiarism checker, not them, so why should they care?

  • Cheap writing companies do not use native speakers to write the customer’s essays for them. You could be a native French speaker, wanting an essay written in French, yet when you read through the essay you have bought it is riddled with basic grammatical errors and most of the essay doesn’t make sense. Why? Because it was written by someone with an extremely poor grasp of the French language. A reputable writing company will ensure that a native speaker of the target language will be writing the essay for you.

  • It is likely that your teacher, the one who will mark the essay, is already familiar with your writing style. A cheap essay bought for next to nothing will not replicate your writing style.

  • The essay you just bought? 50 other students bought it yesterday. One of them is even in your class.

Fine, a mediocre writing agency may not be the best idea. If I get caught out, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, quite simply the worst that could happen is that you get thrown out of school, college or university.

It might not sound that bad, but when you consider the implications of being thrown out you’ll see that actually, the consequences are severe.

  • Your professor suspects that your work is neither unique nor original.

  • Your professor runs it through plagiarism software and finds out for sure that it isn’t your work.

  • You are taken to disciplinary proceedings and you can’t defend yourself because they have proof that the work isn’t yours.

  • You could claim mitigating circumstances, but every school has policies and procedures in place to help students who are struggling.

  • The disciplinary panel recommends that you are removed from your course and the university. They want to make an example of you as a warning to other students not to cheat.

  • It is likely that other schools won’t allow you to enroll with them if they find out about your past, which is very likely because schools talk to each other.  

So there you have it. You are out of university, still with student debts to pay off but now with no chance of getting a graduate job because, guess what? You won’t be graduating, so you’ll be paying off thousands in fees by babysitting and waiting on tables. That doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

So what should I look for?

You need to accept that you may well have to pay more to get a high-quality essay written from scratch. Look for an essay writing company which will:

  • Ask to see examples of your writing style, so that the essay you purchase from them can be written using your own, unique style.

  • Use people with experience in your particular field. Some will use grad students and that is fine because grad students know exactly what is expected in academic essays and will write accordingly.

  • Not promise immediate turnarounds! This might sound strange in a world where you want what you have paid for immediately but trust me, great work takes time.

  • Ask to see testimonials from other customers.

  • Ask to see some samples of the work that they have produced for others, and what grades were awarded for the essays.

Using the services of a writing company can be a great way to help you keep on top of things, but it is worth making sure that you do your research first.

Date Of Update: 10 July 2018, 13:50

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