Cave disaster in Thailand: callous finale

Thailand hails the salvation of 34; 13 34;, only the governor shows himself amazingly emotionless. It also criticizes how the government wanted to use the drama for itself.

Cave disaster in Thailand: callous finale
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    It was a remarkably callous finale that followed more than two-week drama about twelve boys and coach of ir football team. In afternoon of third day of rescue, last uninjured were also saved from flooded Tham Luang Cave in Thailand. A little later, provincial governor Narongsak Osottanakorn joined press to deliver good news. He had made himself fine for official moment: in blossom-white shirt, a black vest and sky-blue canopy, he presented himself motionless for a few moments between four military officers. Even yellow bandana, which Narongsak wore in last few days at almost every press conference and which is a symbol of veneration of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, was brand new.

    The governor humbly folded his hands, first proving to monarchy his honour: "We thank deceased King Rama 9, present Rama 10 and his family for support during past days." The news of day, to which all Thailand and world had waited, drew Narongsak out. Showed exultation instead of subservience. And n said, "All five people still in Tham Luang Cave have been saved. The four children are fine. The three Navy Seals and Australian doctor, who stayed with trapped during past three days, are also safe and leave cave in se minutes. "

    While hundreds of volunteers, who had been providing rescuers and 1,000 journalists since beginning of search and rescue campaign, broke out in loud cheers, Narongsak did not get rid of his bureaucratic routine: "We will not talk about rescue operation until tomorrow. Today we thank world for ir support, support of Thai people, foreign divers and armed forces, which employ around 1,000 soldiers, "said governor. Then at last he let something like relief about successful and high-risk rescue action shine through: "It has gone well once again. We hope that something like this does not happen again in Thailand and rest of world. "

    Graphic: Time Online

    On June 23rd, twelve young football players with ir 25-year-old coach had broken into a birthday party in Tham Luang Cave. Had previous trips to cave had no problems, this time team was surprised by a tropical storm with heavy rain. The cave Labyrinth was flooded, "13", as y were baptized in Thailand, cut off from outside world.

    Only after a ten-day search y were found by two British cave divers in a small grotto several kilometres from entrance – even n emaciated, hungry and frightened. It should take several days before group could be salvaged. Due to narrow passages in caves, rescue operation was highly dangerous and complicated, only a few divers worldwide were able to perform difficult action.

    Date Of Update: 11 July 2018, 12:02

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