Reasons to bet with Bet365

Ranked as one of the country’s most favourable bookmakers,

Reasons to bet with Bet365
Ranked as one of the country’s most favourable bookmakers, Bet365 continue to prove why so many punters stake their bets with them ahead of all alternatives. There’s a lot of reasons surrounding their popularity in the betting community and the incentives they have on offer are a key example, as Bet365 provide plenty of features which can’t be found elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for reasons to sign up or incentives to keep coming back for more, the Bet365 new customer offers and existing customers offers will cover any and all requirements you’d expect from a suitable bookmaker. Key features that Bet365 offer include:

Enhanced football accumulator odds

A large portion of punters take an interest in football betting, and it’s understandable when there’s so many markets, enhanced offers, and boosted prices to indulge in. One of the primary methods of betting on football is through creating a football accumulator, so Bet365 have made it even more tempting to make one yourself through their Euro Soccer Bonus. This is an incentive which works with any match result market, with an extra percentage of returns added by the number of selections you include.

You can even take 100% extra winnings if you include fourteen or more selections, and there’s flexibility through being able to include football matches from all major football leagues throughout Europe. It’s an exciting feature as so many people back footy accas each and every weekend, like FootyAccumulators, who regularly post out their own Euro Acca.

Bet365 Price Promise and Best Odds Guaranteed

Most of the people who are actively betting but aren’t placing bets on football will tend to be betting on horse racing instead. Any frequent horse racing punters are always looking for the very best price on the market so Bet365 have made sure that they always do that for their customers. Any bettors who have already used up their specific Bet365 New Customer Offers will instantly be looking for more reasons to stay loyal to Bet365, so they provide a lot of horse racing features.

The first edition of this is Bet365 Price Promise, where they assure the best bookmaker price available for all races shown on ITV Racing. The other version is called Best Odds Guaranteed, where they promise to give you the strongest price available, even if you bet on a horse at lower odds and the price improves before the race gets underway.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 18:56

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