Dunja Hayali: Nothing sparkles

Dunja Hayalis Premiere as 34; sports Studio 34;-presenter Purrs routinely down. The show revels in the self-referential – even the speaker is not missing.

Dunja Hayali: Nothing sparkles
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    Perhaps it is too much to expect that Premierevon Dunja Hayali as a presenter in ZDF sports studio represents something special. From sender's point of view, recast is prudent: Hayali is regarded as a critical, inquiring journalist who opposes something to agitated from right. This has made her a distinctive figure ImZDF-staff, becoming a prominent face of station. The downturn is also interested in how intensively last Hayalis ancillary activities have been discussed AlsModeratorin, although it is not still plays among well-known television noses that practise in this highly paid practice.

    As a sign of Hayalis ambitions, attempt may be to win a conversation for premiere broadcast Mesut Özil and DFB president or Bundestrainerfür. However, because neir national player who retired due to RassistischerAnfeindungen nor one in this Hinsichtunsolidarische association needed such a mediation or would like it, Hayalis first guest was Friedhelm Twinkle.

    And this choice is pretty much opposite of Derkritischen explosiveness that Hayali might give gym. Even if she praised sixth time again in Bundesliga AufgestiegenenFunkel as "first-class guest" and struggled, Besonderheirauszustellen: "Was it really something special?", Fragtedie presenter coach-Swashbuckler in opening skirmish, Whereupon Sparkle said, "Yes, it was something special."

    No legendary speaker

    The commitment of Hayali is logical, insofar as DieJournalistin has started as a sports reporter. Neverless, every new sports studio presenter is associated with legendary Schalke 05 speaker of Carmen Thomas ( first sports studio presenter lost Daraufhinihren job) more than 40 Jahrenmit this story. Even though Thomas ' Lapsus today says Betrachtetmehr about branding in media age as a diechauvinistische atmosphere in Society of 1970s.

    In fact, Hayali also had a spokesman who ihraber far less fame than Carmen Thomas: she announced DenKommentator of game Gladbach against Leverkusen as "Dirk Schmidt". Which has something ironic, because pale Oliver Schmidt as a reporter nuraufgrund his pseudo artfully turned platitudes ("The artist who likes to speak his feet") is unmistakable.

    Date Of Update: 27 August 2018, 12:00

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