Tiger Woods - Comeback Golf at its Best

Golf can be a relatively slow sport with the only action is when the ball is in the air.

Tiger Woods - Comeback Golf at its Best
 Golf can be a relatively slow sport with the only action is when the ball is in the air. Those few seconds as the ball is headed towards the pin are the most anxious and anticipated moments.

However, when Tiger Woods is on the golf course tensions run high. The PGA championships were held on Sunday, July 13. This comes when Woods has faced various injuries with the last four back surgeries thought to have buried his career.

Tiger might have felt the positive energy from the fans and is what made him make an impact. As he waited for the 12th green, everyone knew that the afternoon would see something special. As a sports bettor who loves betting at Pointsbet, we know you have always wanted the previous Tiger Woods back. It is not that Woods didn’t display glimpses of his previous past, but his performances have been inconsistent in the recent past since his fiasco in his personal life. However, we do hope things might change soon.

A Great Comeback Play by Tiger Woods

So, how did the day shape up?  

Things started changing when he made a short putt that would make him come in second against Brooks Koepke. The second place was the best position since he joined the PGA in 2009. The soft Bellerive course was waterlogged that resulted in target golf. But Woods is renowned for hitting the ball pin high,and this tremendously paid off.

At the 15th, Woods approached the shot with more confidence on that Sunday. His shot was made 164 yards away which settled 11 inches from the cup.

At the end of the day, he managed to score a final round 66-64 which is the lowest score in his PGA career. Woods managed to scoop up second place behind Brooks Koepke. It was pretty clear that Koepke had become the spoiler in Wood's best comeback.

Brooks Koepke the winner of the match walked away with $1.9 million. It was clear that he would not give anyone the chance even Woods a chance to walk away with the prize. But at the end of the day, Woods was the man of the match.

Moreover, it was his PGA shots that made the entire tournament memorable. Also, he got to make the team.

However, fans were bothered by how Woods was making his comeback, especially during The Opens. Woods did not impress many especially when he threw away three shots in two holes. Some thought that his injuries had gotten the better of him. He never managed to play during the 2016 and 2017 since he was recovering from back surgeries.

Tiger has always been winning as far as we can remember. And if he keeps this up then high chances are he will again make an impact in this generation's golf. It is sad that his ranking has diminished. But the Sunday tournament managed to rank him to top 26 in the world.

Date Of Update: 27 August 2018, 15:19

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