Former GDR: The East does not let me go

34; Grey concrete, rough jargon 34;: The song of the Chemnitz rapper Trettmann expresses what many East Germans are doing in these days. Why are we as we are?

Former GDR: The East does not let me go

My mor commuted Weiteran university in Halle, where she trained as a didactical English teacher * in. Even today, she grabs anger when she thinks back to nineties. Manhatte put a West professor in front of her nose, harassing UndSelbsrrlichkeit employees with arrogance. "I didn't crawl on DerSchleimspur, but most of m were scared and did not sound. I felt helpless and got three times against Abmahnungenprozessiert. It was even worse for doctors, some have taken dasLeben. " My mor was able to change to anor department, Dashat saved her and restored her dignity. When my far 1994 InBuna, where about 18,000 people were working in GDR times, research insMarketing changed, re were still around 3,000 left. "Many East Germans have lacked anSelbstachtung and self-confidence," he says in retrospect today.

"Freedom won, again torrid."

I was looking for my happiness Inberlin, at Humboldt University. Among a thousand German students I did not get my mouth and had inferiority feelings. DerKapitalismus was hostile to me, and I stole from Kaiser's food. After studying I felt more like a loser, though or because I had a scholarship in Stiftungskollegfür to get international assignments. All around me erschienenkarrierebewusster and less clumsy, I could not good English Undkann it until today, also I had no idea of institutions. Ichwählte a Jewish me, because feeling of guilt was still re, I went to Russia to get to know Jewish life re.

"Rar live fast, restless, instead of siding, not a destination station."

What am I going to do with my memories?

That east won't let me go.

Why is film Gundermann by Andreas Dresen so successful, especially in east? Gesternsprach me in morning in S-Bahn my seat neighbor, while I fed into cell phone my film impressions as a voice message. You too would have liked movie really well. Wow. It is like a belated satisfaction to see a zerrissenenHelden from east on canvas. "I find Idealisteninteressant, dreamer too. I can also forgive you much more. There are too few of m. You have dream bonus with me, "says my friend Stephan.

In February I tried to explain to friends in Stuttgart why discussion about popular stage caused such great emotions in Berlin. I was talking about head and neck, led "Ostdeutscheid entity", but it remains irrational why Castorf, ensemble, this kind of ater and capitalism criticism is so strongly mourned.

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"The feeling of devaluation, loss of dignity, Dievielleicht quite simply based on fact that five days a week in SeinerBrigade more or less enthusiastically fulfilled production plan, Vereintim work frustrations as in celebrations afterwards", writes my friend Ulla, who grew up in Chemnitz.

"People were not caught and not picked up," says my friend Elisa, who is in Teterowaufgewachsen. Her mor worked as a librarian, assembled driving library, which provided 48 villages with books and was discontinued ten years ago.

Everyone is a blacksmith of his luck and has to get his ass up, says Birgit, my oldest friend who is in Hallegeblieben.

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