Google Rating: Google needs to delete a star negative rating

A doctor complained because Google did not want to delete a rating without text. A court now decided, in the case, to outweigh the protection interest of the person concerned.

Google Rating: Google needs to delete a star negative rating

Googlemuss Delete Negative ratings even if y do not contain text. This was decided by District Court of Lübeck. One doctor had tried in vain to leave a one-star rating Streichenzu, which also appears on Google Maps. The court gave plaintiff Legaland sentenced Google to default. Should company delete Eintragnicht, a fine of up to 250,000 euros would be due.

Google had argued in court that DerBewertung was a Meinungsäußerunghandele protected under article 5 of Basic Law and no value judgment. This was not followed by court. In DiesemFalle protection interests of person concerned, judges decided. Whoever is also derAbsender assessment that it is appropriate to adversely affect reputation of plaintiff.

Companies, practices and businesses can create a registered profile at Google service, which in turn can be used to add additional information such as pictures and opening hours to Google Maps. Registered users can give feedback re. In case that was negotiated in Lübeck, a negative one-star rating was disclosed without a comment under profile of plaintiff, a niedergelassenenKieferorthopäden. The plaintiff assumes that poor assessment does not originate from a patient. He evaluated assessment as damaging to business and alsVerletzung his personal rights, and n initially erfolglosdie deletion by Googlegefordert.

The verdict that has now been announced has already been discussed on 13 June. Wher Google will appeal, Istunklar. In a similar procedure, District Court of Augsburg had dismissed a dentist's complaint on 17 Julidie and decided in sense of Google. DerMediziner also saw his personality right violated by a negative-Bewertungohne justification, especially since it came from a user who was not supposed to be a Patientseiner practice. The judges of Augsburg, however, saw DasRecht on freedom of expression more important.

Date Of Update: 28 June 2018, 12:02

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