How Can Effective PPC Management Transform the Conversion Rate of a Business?

Pay-per-click is an ideal advertising channel for entrepreneurs who want their business websites to attract more organic traffic

How Can Effective PPC Management Transform the Conversion Rate of a Business?

Pay-per-click is an ideal advertising channel for entrepreneurs who want their business websites to attract more organic traffic. If these owners are successful in managing and running their campaigns, they can see a significant increase in conversions. The proprietors are then in a position to promote their brand products to many online users in the market. If these potential customers start making purchases, these owners can generate a lot of revenue to enhance their bottom-line profits. Over time, they will able to gain a competitive edge over other businesses.

How can entrepreneurs improve their pay-per-click campaigns?

Experts say entrepreneurs need to do a lot of research when it comes to formulating and executing the right PPC campaign. Only then can they attract many online users in the market to their brand products or services. The owners should never forget that they pay for every click these potential customers make to view their campaigns. If such campaigns do not appeal to them, these proprietors may end up spending a lot of money.  Unfortunately, they may not be able the generate adequate revenue to justify such expenditure. Specialists explain that the owners can avoid such a situation. They just need to keep in mind the following five tips:

1.      The campaign should be relevant to their targeted audience

Entrepreneurs need to ensure their advertisement campaigns can respond to their online customers’ queries. If this is not the case, they may end up losing such customers to their nearest competitors in the market. Fortunately, owners can determine whether or not their pay-per-click campaigns attract the attention of their targeted audience. To do so, they need to use a feature known as ‘dynamic keyword insertion.' This is a feature on Google that tells proprietors which keywords online users should type in the query bar to view similar campaigns.

Moreover, Google has another in-built feature which allows owners to check the relevance of their PPC campaigns.  This is known as the Quality Score. The campaigns of business owners should get a score of 10 to secure high positions on Google’s result pages.


2.      Keyword research

Just like search engine optimization, keyword research is important for the success of any pay-per-click campaign. Entrepreneurs need to understand the specific requirements and interests of their targeted audience at the time of launching their campaigns. Only then can the owners attract the attention of these online users to their websites. These proprietors need to know what questions such as online users type in Google’s query bar to search for their businesses. This is the reason why they need to carry out exhaustive keyword research. In doing so, they should not hesitate to use the Google Keyword Planner. From this tool, owners can come to know the phrases their online customers are likely to use. They can also determine the average cost of such clicks, the potential revenue and competition these owners are up against.


3.      Patience

Entrepreneurs need to understand that pay-per-click is not magic. Prominent pay-per-click (PPC) management experts clarify that it takes time for the owners to get lucrative returns from their investments. Specialists insist these proprietors should first gather all the relevant data they need to formulate their campaigns. They should use various test features available in Google AdWords to evaluate whether their campaigns are feasible. If this is not the case, the entrepreneurs should find out where they are going wrong. Only then can they make the necessary modifications in their campaigns.  Otherwise, these owners may not get the kind of results they are looking for.  The professionals go on to assure these proprietors that they can earn substantial revenue on a shoe-string budget with a popular pay-per-click platform.


4.      Focusing on landing page optimization

Entrepreneurs need to pay particular attention to optimizing their websites’ landing pages. The owners should ensure the minimum time it takes to load such landing pages is 2 seconds. Only then can they attract the attention of their targeted audience.  When online users click on these owners’ sites to view their advertisement campaigns, they come directly to landing pages. In such pages, these potential customers come to know what type of business these entrepreneurs operate in the market. They also find out how the owners differ from their competitors. In the landing pages, such customers get to see many ‘call-to-action’ features offering them different options to choose from. They can then decide whether to take a free trial, make a purchase, book a consultation, or opt for a subscription.


5.      Evaluate each and every click

Pay-per-click differs from traditional advertising channels. Under conventional modes of advertisement, owners have to wait a long time to determine whether their campaigns are successful or not. In most cases, the proprietors do not always get the kind of results they expect. On top of this, they have to incur huge expenditure.  With a pay-per-click platform, entrepreneurs can actually determine the amount of revenue they earn when online users click to view their campaigns. In the same manner, these owners can also even figure out the costs they need to incur. By inserting negative keywords in their advertisement campaigns, the proprietors can even prevent the flow of irrelevant traffic to business websites. Taking such a step to ensure they do not end up wasting a lot of money on their campaigns.

Using a popular pay-per-click platform can helping entrepreneurs ensure the growth of their businesses in the market. With this advertising channel, these owners can even outperform their competitors to attract the attention of online users. Nevertheless, the proprietors can only achieve this objective when their targeted audience show interest in their campaigns. They need to insert the exact keywords these customers enter in Google’s query bar to look for their businesses. The entrepreneurs also need on ensure such online users face no difficulty using the ‘call-to-action’ features on the landing pages. Above all, these owners should evaluate every click these customers make to ensure they are not overspending. With time, they can expect a significant increase in revenue and better brand presence with inbound traffic in the market.

Date Of Update: 11 September 2019, 17:26

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