Information Required To Compare Electricity Rates

To compare electricity online, you need to provide some vital information

Information Required To Compare Electricity Rates

To compare electricity online, you need to provide some vital information. This information will help Econnex or any other comparison site offer rates that suit your needs.

Finding the right plan will be easier if the information provided is detailed and specific.

So, what information is required?

Your Monthly Usage Estimate

First, estimate how much electricity you use each month. Your usage may vary from season to season, and according to it may also change day to day.

So look at your bills from previous months or years for an idea. You can also visit the comparison site for an exact usage estimation.

Energy Needs

You next need to find out what your energy needs are. Are you looking for a fixed-rate plan, or do you want to track your usage and be billed accordingly? Do you have solar panels that will supply power at different times of the day?

All of these factors can affect your energy needs and your usage, so be sure to include this information when you're comparing electricity providers.

Your Budget

If you have a budget for what you often spend on electricity each month, it can also help the comparison site give you accurate quotes. This will ensure that the rate plans offered all meet or beat your budget. If you don't have a budget, the site may still be able to help. Just choose from the cheapest plans available in your area.

How Does Econnex Select The Best Option For Me?

To simplify the process for you to find a low electricity rate plan, Econnex uses a simple process and doesn't ask for any private information.

It is just a matter of entering your postcode, and the comparison site will provide you with quotes tailored to your location.

You are free to decide which plan is best for you, no matter your energy needs or how much money you want to save each month on electricity.

Which is the best way to find the best electricity plan?

The best way to find out which electricity plan is best suited for your needs is to compare current offers. When you enter your details, we compare all available energy plans from leading suppliers in Australia and present these to you as simply as possible.

Why Should I Use Econnex to Compare Prices?

Using our service has many benefits. One of them is how easy it is to compare power prices with us - you enter your state and postcode into the form on our homepage and hit 'compare'!

We then handle the rest of the work for you and present a list of available plans from our trusted suppliers. You can then review these energy offers to find the best deal in your area before making a final decision.

Checking out what's on offer is also very quick - we know that most people don’t have hours to spend comparing electricity prices, which is why we handle all of the work for you and present a list of plans as soon as possible. You can then review these energy deals and choose one that is right for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

How Do I Use Econnex Services?

To use our fast and easy service, enter your postcode into our compare electricity form on this page.

We will check prices in your area to help you find the best plan for you - you won't be bombarded with long-winded questions about your lifestyle. Instead, we'll ask you to confirm your address and a few simple questions.

When this is complete, we will present the most suitable options available in your area and compare these plans instantly!

What Other Crucial Information Do You Consider?

Before making an electricity plan selection, consider several factors. This includes checking for early exit fees or end-of-contract costs, looking at your contract length, considering any discounts you are eligible for, and thinking about how long it would take to recoup the cost of joining a new plan.

We've made this process as fast and painless as possible by providing all relevant information directly on our website. Since we handle this process quickly and easily, you do not need to worry about being in a bind to change your electricity provider.


When it's time to compare electricity prices, there are many things to take into consideration. However, this doesn't need to be complicated - all you need to do is let Econnex check what plans are available for you.

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