Joe Kaeser: Siemens boss sees racism as a threat to the economy

In an interview, Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens, again warns against nationalism in Germany. Corporations depend on global structures.

Joe Kaeser: Siemens boss sees racism as a threat to the economy

Once again, Siemens chief Joe Kaeser warned against fact that racism and nationalism are becoming socially viable in Germany. In an interview with Bavarian Broadcasting Company, Kaeser said that increasing racism would have devastating consequences for German economy – and also for company Siemens in particular.

The Federal Republic of Germany is economically dependent on export and as open borders as possible. According to Kaeser, important companies are globally positioned and employ employees of all skin color and religion. Similarly, you want to appeal to customers of any nationality.

That is why he thought racism was a very dangerous tendency, even in historical context: "At that time, too many people remained silent during National socialism until it was too late. And that must not happen again in Germany. "

Already in May, Kaeser had criticized a statement by AfD group chairman Alice Weidenl. In a conversation with Bavarian radio, Siemens Chief was convinced of need to not accept racist statements in silence. It is not only about humanistic values – but also about firm business interests.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2018, 12:00

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