Martin Winter Korn: No new investigations against ex-VW boss

Contrary to other reports, the Public Prosecutor's Office does not identify against winter grain for tax evasion. Financial authorities were transferred to the findings.

Martin Winter Korn: No new investigations against ex-VW boss

The Public prosecutor's office in Braunschweig does not carry out any furr proceedings against ex-VW boss Martin Winter Korn. On weekend, picture on Sunday had reported on tax investigations against winter grain. The public Prosecutor's Office has passed on findings about a possible tax transfer to responsible tax authority, said spokesman of public prosecutor Braunschweig, Klaus pull.

According to investigation files quoted in newspaper, winter grain in years 2016 and 2017 should have transferred high million amounts from one of its accounts at Sparda Bank Nuremberg to a trust account of its tax advisor. From re, money was flown into bank Vontobel's depots in Zurich – including a depot that had been assigned to winter Korn's wife. According to report, investigators suspect that some of remittances were a donation for which more than half a million euros of gift tax had been incurred. Winter Korn's lawyer Felix Dörr, however, had stressed that a transfer of money from a German bank to Switzerland was legally perfectly fine. It is winter Korn's "highly personal decision as to how and by whom he can manage his assets," said lawyer. Contrary to accusations, operation was "free of any tax complaint".

Draw said, "because of possible postponement of assets, his authority does not carry out any furr investigation against Mr. Winter corn for tax evasion". However, findings in this context were included in files. The possible transfer of assets could play a role, for example, in question of wher and when accused had received knowledge of diesel manipulations and possibly reacted to m. According to newspaper, Public Prosecutor's office notes that winter grain probably moved assets to Switzerland in order to secure a "nest egg".

However, it would be unimportant if personal rights of parties were disregarded and constituents were passed on to media in whole or in part, "as is now evident in course of access granted to files by previously unknown third Happened ". In this respect, he also agrees with "displeasure" of winter Nugget defender Dörr. Therefore, according to his own data, he checks legal steps against Public Prosecutor's office in Braunschweig for treason of service secrets.

In view of diesel affair, winter grain threatens high claims of damage from car manufacturer VW, should it be proven to breach. In actual procedure, exhaust gas scandal, against him as well as against new VW Group chief Herbert ses and supervisory board chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch is determined because of possible market manipulation, against winter grain additionally also for fraud. He resigned from office on September 23, 2015 shortly after U.S. authorities had uncovered tampering with diesel cars.

Date Of Update: 31 July 2018, 12:00

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