Things to Know When Appearing for ICBC Knowledge Test

Everyone has their own viewpoint when it comes to passing the “ICBC Knowledge exam”.

Things to Know When Appearing for ICBC Knowledge Test

Everyone has their own viewpoint when it comes to passing the “ICBC Knowledge exam”. Some candidates find it easy while others have a hard time preparing for it. You can simply judge the difficulty level of a test on the basis of how others find the test. There are several things that you must consider to figure out your chances of success in the test.


Don’t read a lot in one setting


You will find a lot of matter written in the guide to be”common sense" stuff. Don’t be in hurry to complete the material quickly. You can find the material to be boring and quickly lose focus or interest in it. The content provided on this practice test site will definitely help you prepare for the test in the best possible way.


The best way is that you must not read more than ten pages in a day. Make it a point to complete a few pages everyday while maintaining focus and attentiveness. It will take you not more than fifteen to twenty days to complete the entire guide. Devoting this much time to read the guide is perfectly fine.


Highlighting the text


Portions of text that you feel important for the exam point of view should be marked with a highlighter. You need to ensure that the pointers that you find unique, or any important rules or stats are highlighted. This will prove to be very useful at the revision time. 


Dedicate more time to important chapters


Some of the important chapters that you must byheart for your test are signs, road markings and signals. It is advised to take the test on that chapter right after when you complete it. Practice the material so much that you score not less than 100%. When you are so strong and thorough in those chapters, chances of passing the ICBC test will become high.


Skip certain chapters


You don't need to "study" some of the chapters as they are just to give you information. The content of these chapters won’t be asked in the exam. So, you can easily skip those chapters to save your time. These chapter numbers are 1st, 9th and 10th.


Visualize the content


Have you ever tried visualizing anything? It is a great way to remember what you read and far better than cramming content. So, try this wonderful technique while preparing for the exam.




Don’t underestimate the power of revision.  The more you revise, the better you will memorize the text. It will also make you confident.


Take sample tests or mock tests present on authorized sites


The more you practice on mock sessions, the more ideas you will have about the type and pattern of the test. By completing questions within a stipulated time frame, it will increase your knowledge and boost your confidence as well.


The Last step: Take the “ICBC knowledge test”:


Once all these steps are done, you are all set to take the ICBC knowledge test.




No test is hard or easy. With the right knowledge, guidance and preparation, you can easily pass ICBC Knowledge exam in the first attempt.

Date Of Update: 21 May 2019, 09:08

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