USA and China: The peasant victims

Farmers and car companies are afraid of the consequences of the bizarre trade dispute that US president Donald Trump is leading with China. But even Democrats support him.

USA and China: The peasant victims
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    Jason Swede is worried. The American builds on SeinemBetrieb near Rochester in state of New York next to corn and wheat before allemSojabohnen. He earns around $4 million a year, and now he has ten employees. It exports more than 60 percent of soya, especially to China. "China is by far GrößteExportmarkt for us," says Swede. China uses soya mainly as animal feed or it continues to process food. But wher he can continue to bet on China, farmer doubts. "If tariffs persist, n verlierenwir this market," he says.

    Since China first introduced tariffs of 25Prozent on soy from United States in April, demand is on decline. Some of his customers report that price of a bushels soy (35.2 liters) was partially broken by up to 20 percent. "For producers in USA is eineKatastrophe," says Swede, who is also chairman of New York Corn and SoybeanGrowers Association, umbrella organisation of regional corn and soya farmers.

    As in schoolyard

    The trade dispute of Beidenweltgrößten economies has escalated for a few days. VergangeneWoche had announced White House to levy import duties on Chinese goods impairment of 50 billion dollars. Thus, Trump wants to persuade Beijing to give up UmstritteneHandelspraktiken, which in opinion of Americans gives it an unfair competitive advantage.

    China announced that it would introduce Zölleauf US goods worth 70 billion dollars. The Wiederumkonterte Trump with announcement to levy additional duties on Chinese goods impairment of 200 billion dollars. He maintained furr increases. If this were a schoolyard dispute, US broadcaster NPR commented, n Trumpgerade had folding knife unshead.

    For US President, customs duties are above all an instrument to redeem SeinWahlkampfversprechen "America first" and to improve vermeintlicheUngleichgewicht between China and US in trade balances. For far too long, Europe and Asia would have boosted ir own economy at expense of US, according to argument. Trump speculates that government in Beijing can barely react to US in face of a trade surplus of 375 billion dollars: what else is it supposed to impose on import duties? China, according to conviction, is more dependent on America than or way around.

    But many US companies fear to become a farmer's victim in forces of Washington and Beijing. We share president's concerns about Chinese business practices, Business Roundtable, one of Washington's most influential economic lobby groups. "Risking EinenHandelskrieg is wrong way to solve problems with Chinazu." In end, Trump government could be hurting itself with tough course against China. Beijing knows where US economy is vulnerable. With its retaliation tariffs it mainly targets agricultural products such as meat, milk and cereals, but also energy sector and car industry. The Chinese government Damittrifft mainly those regions that have chosen Donald Trump with overwhelming majority in DerPräsidentschaftswahl.

    Date Of Update: 24 June 2018, 12:02

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