Video games: Nazi symbols in computer games possible in the future

Video games can show swastikas in the future. As long as it serves art or science, prohibited propaganda means should be seen, according to the competent testing body.

Video games: Nazi symbols in computer games possible in the future

In future, computer games can receive an age rating in Germany, even if y contain swastikas or SS runes. The testing centre for self-control (ESRB), which is responsible for examination of computer games, announced that it would change its dealings with anti-constitutional symbols. In same way as in cinematographic films, banned propaganda means should be shown in future if it serves "art or science, presentation of events of past or history".

The Usk wants to examine computer games for ir "Sozialadäquanz" in future – this exception in Penal Code allows for anti-constitutional symbols under tightly defined conditions. What video games are included, ESRB must decide in future in individual cases.

So far, clause has been applied to films, but not to examination of video games. Swastikas, SS runes and similar plates were banned in video games in Germany. In principle, this should remain so. "There has been no change in basic prohibition of markings according to clause 86 A in Penal Code," said Usk. There may be exceptions to this rule, as in case of movies or TV shows.

Usk managing director Elisabeth Secker said, "By changing legal view, games that critically process events of day can be provided with a Usk age mark for first time. This has been case for films for a long time and, in terms of freedom of art, it is right now also for computer and video games. "

Video games such as well-known Wolfenstein series, in which National Socialism and Second World War play a central role, have so far been sold in Germany in a defused version. Instead of swastikas, German players got to see fantasy symbols.

Date Of Update: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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