Top online courses you need to enroll in 2021

The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives profoundly, and education is no different.

Top online courses you need to enroll in 2021

The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives profoundly, and education is no different. Lockdowns mean that classrooms globally are empty and may continue to remain so for indefinite periods ahead. With classrooms potentially being places where the virus can spread quickly, it’s only natural that more and more students are resorting to online education. However, online education isn’t just relevant to the situation we’re in right now. Online education can make learning more accessible for students at all levels. Suppose you’re in a remote location and can’t travel for hours to attend college or can’t find housing in your chosen city. In that case, online degrees are an excellent option.

Furthermore, online classes can be incredibly beneficial for international students who want the best education but can’t relocate. Additionally, many of us want to pursue higher education but can’t because we have other commitments. Be it your job, family, or any other obligations, online classes allow you to build your schedule around them and get the education you deserve. However, it can get quite challenging to pick a course from the many options available. If you’re having a hard time being decisive, keep reading below for the top online courses for 2021.

Liberal Studies

Liberal studies are easily one of the most diverse and all-encompassing courses you can take. Liberal studies degrees impart upon students some of the most highly sought-after soft-skills in any industry. It teaches you analytical thinking, spotting patterns, and looking at a problem from various angles. However, a liberal studies degree doesn’t just teach you theoretical knowledge or skills. It can alter the way you look at life and give you a greater appreciation for art, history, language, culture, and philosophy. It allows you to prepare for a lifetime of learning. Due to the broad scope of topics covered, a liberal studies degree can allow you to enter various fields. You can work in social services, in education, politics, journalism, or as project managers. An online degree will enable you to complete your degree requirements with ease, and you can pick from multiple start times. A bachelors in liberal studies will allow you to evolve not just as a professional but at a personal level too.


The current pandemic has affected global mental health immensely. People find themselves thrust into an unprecedented situation, with many losing their jobs, loved ones, or working as frontline workers. The field of psychology is incredibly vast and allows you to study the human mind from different angles. An undergraduate program in psychology lets you cover a wide range of topics, preparing you for future specializations.

Working as a counselor alone exposes you to some of the most vulnerable individuals in society and lets you improve their life quality. Psychologists can also research the human mind to develop groundbreaking theories about why we feel or act the way we do. The answer to ‘what can you do with psychology degree’ is vast. You can be a valued part of HR in any company, work in prison settings as a forensic psychologist, go into education, or work as a therapist. The choice is yours.


Businesses are evolving immensely with technological changes. An MBA or a BBA gives you all the skills you need to keep up with this ever-evolving world. It’s now easier than ever before to start your business. There are countless new startups in almost all niches. Entrepreneurs now have greater ease than ever before on sourcing, advertising, manufacturing, and even financing. Whether you want to work with the most innovative new startup or start a business of your own, an MBA and BBA give you all the skills you need for success.

These degrees allow you to understand the evolving consumer mindset and capitalize upon changing market trends. There are many specializations in MBA programs, and you can prepare to lead companies towards better management, innovation, and adaptability. MBA and BBA programs also allow you to associate with some of the most innovative business leaders and create a beneficial networking list. With an online MBA or BBA, you can prepare to enter the corporate world with ease.

Information systems and computer science

Computer science and IT careers are easily some of the most lucrative rewarding jobs to opt for. Software developers are among the highest-paid individuals in any job market, and the future is undeniably digital. With a computer science or IT degree, you can play a role in shaping this future. You can perfect AI solutions, prevent cyber-attacks, and pave the road for an efficient, innovative future. You can enter burgeoning fields like quantum computing, block-chain, robotics, and virtual reality.

Almost every industry now incorporates IT solutions, making this field one of the fastest-growing ones around. With online computer science and IT degrees, you can comfortably prepare to enter the area that’ll shape the future.


The degree programs mentioned above will help you study peacefully and safely and prepare yourself for a brighter future ahead. All of the programs are incredibly intensive and can prepare you to avail some of the best job opportunities in your chosen niche. They can help you make a better salary while learning skills that you’ll carry for the rest of your life. Some of these degrees allow you to impact people’s lives in incredibly personal ways. Others let you become innovative leaders campaigning for a brighter future.