Isabel Coixet: "Kevin Spacey I didn't find someone legit"

Barcelona, 1960. Filmmaker. Small suffered 'buylling' and these days... also. With 'The library' brings us a story about the dreams and the lack of air from

Isabel Coixet:

Barcelona, 1960. Filmmaker. Small suffered 'buylling' and these days... also. With 'The library' brings us a story about the dreams and the lack of air from the communities exclusive. Here we talk about what justito of Catalonia.

can you say that he is a filmmaker thanks to God?Surely. Say what Buñuel: I am an atheist, thank God. What is certain is that the Super 8 camera given to me by my father in the first communion, taught me another way of seeing the world. I was nine years old. The first thing that I recorded was that stain of Coca Cola in the white dress. Because I threw the bottle over. What is the first movie I remember and what I would like to forget?The first movie that I remember that I hit was 'Isadora'. I saw that and said to me: "that's nice." But without decrypt it. I remember a scene that marked me in a life time thing: allergy to marriage. The scene of Vanessa Redgrave girl burning the wedding certificate of their parents and vowing to never marry. But then in the movie house. In regard to forget any movie... Is that all you learn. I've never been out of a movie. The books if I leave them half-baked. The movies do not. I always think that there will be something worthwhile. Life was better when you had neighbourhood cinemas?Yes. Is more, yesterday I passed in front of an old cinema where you first put a grocery store, then a chinese and now is as walled up. What I thought: here I saw 'Lawrence of Arabia'. To me the double I loved. To go with my parents. With the snack of tortilla. I think that until we brought the lunch box. It was fantastic. A feeling between the darkness, the sandwich, the parents, the movie... it Was a pass. What misses and what to check more?I miss making movies without mobile and without internet. The happiness of not being connected. The way to discover the world in the archives. All those hours that echabas in the newspaper archives in the school. You're going to find a fact: Aragon, 1934. And suddenly abrías the newspaper and to the side the news of the war had fabulous stories. What I miss the most? Is that all it seems to me too easy. The ease of guglearlo all seems to me a pain in the neck. The library also talks of a boycott. Not only to culture but to someone who comes from the outside. There is so much that comes from outside. The protagonist takes many years in the village. It is a sort of glamorizing bullying. The problem is that in a small community and the deviations from the norm are not well seen. There is also talk of the banality of evil. Because in the end the vital forces that do not want to have the library that is not because they want for anything, but by fastidiarla. I have encountered situations like this in my life: I do what I have done to this to make me want to destroy life. I already have a callus very large with this since small. What we're going to get with it, that will believe very list. Do you suffered bullying?Yes. Clear. What happens is that I attempt to place it in my life. You're protecting. You're looking for ways to overcome all these shits. You are going tanning. Or not. You cry a lot for a while and strip for later. I suffered bullying in the school. And in a few colonies I remember one of the things most heavy on my life. How suddenly decided that I was going to make life impossible. Think: why would I? There are simply a larger group of girls to the best rates, and without sunglasses you decide that your glasses don't like them. In the stories there is almost always more courage behind the women than the men.It is normal. We women are mothers. The link is created with the child. From there you have to have courage. It is the only way to survive. And it is also clear that the men you have problems. To love men and soportarles there that have a lot of courage... Ourselves are the culprits. Sometimes I catch myself saying: "But that woman should have...". And I stop at mid-sentence and say to myself: "No. The problem is that lord, that your hands have very long, which is the goal in the pocket". What is more complicated to mount a bookstore in Hardburough or a common project common in Catalonia?It is more complicated the second. And look at that was not to be. When one insists that things are complicated. When one endeavors to create problems, these problems grow. There are problems that are like termites: one appears in the floor, forget about the hardwood floors. With Catalonia this is happening. Are you going to go to the worst movie of the procés?When he awoke, the dinosaur was still there. The procés is worse than a nightmare. Because in nightmares you wake up and no longer is. Not here. Tell me three or four things/places/moments that you consider to be their homeland.My homeland is a place that my parents took me to take the aperitif in Grace and where I discovered the cockles with salsa. Where my grandmother played the cards and where my parents had gone from bride and groom to know each other. My homeland is the darkness of a movie theater. That moment when the lights go off and it is as if you metieras in a tunnel. My homeland is a library of any site, a site that although you do not know the language in which are the books you enter and there's a woman with glasses reading in the box. And it is with something that looks like Stendhal in aramaic. Be there. In that place is universal. The homeland are the ancient olive trees. Be with them and to think that this olive tree was there when it happened, Hannibal. Netflix has said that it wants to Kevin Spacey. Do you want to Kevin Spacey?I met Kevin Spacey is a dinner at the house of an actress very well known in the that also was Sean Penn and I found a person with a lot of problems... I saw He was very tormented. The typical person that is not legit. I spoke to her throughout the dinner. And then, when it learned of the films he had directed, some of them in which they had worked, his friends, radically changed. If I am an aunt in Spanish you look like a friend of the chacha of children, or event; if I am a director who has made movies that you like, then I am someone. I this is not what I can bear. But, come on, I didn't see anything, because there in the dinner I think that almost all were heterosexual. Is there sexual harassment in Spanish cinema?Clear. Equal to that between the cashiers of a supermarket. What happens is that in the movies everything is more colorful. Everything that has to do with the celebrities have another echo. Are there any screens that it is better not to look?What happens is that we look too much to the screens. And that is dangerous: the blue light affects too much to the vascularization. Attempt to unplug the mobile. The luck is that I sometimes go to places where there isn't coverage. Now it's all a horror. When we were little we traveled with a plane and we never lost. Now the people are lost with the "leave the roundabout". Can't stand Siri, I can not stand the GPS... what Numbers to phone memory? The same. We only know the mother and two friends. My god, is that I look like an old woman to old already talking about. A friend of mine says: "We're not going well and fusila little." She has you pegged. What would you say to all those people who love your film and then downloading it for free?"Hombreee, guys, please." A director always wants you to get what you do, but also that it arrives in the best conditions. Seeing something on a little screen is not the same as going to a room: not to sound like the wind, you don't feel the same feelings... There is an entire effort of people back there that are worth supporting. Does a film director earn less than people think?[Loose both burst out laughing] But hey, how you would have told me this. In the imaginary there are some figures that are not. I've done up free movies. If I have to divide all the years that I have been making this movie for the monthly wages not I would come to absolutely nothing. In the era of the hiperconexión, does it give more afraid to talk about that ever?I'm not afraid to talk about. It bores Me a bit of my voice, I tired to talk at times. But fear not I have. We should all talk a lot more. One day you say one thing and the next day another, because someone has convinced you of something. But fear not. The movie ends with the protagonist going on a journey. What the exile is an output when there is no air?Sometimes to leave is a smart decision. I have gone many times, I have become, there are people who need oxigenarnos. The courage has to be joined to the common sense. And if you see that you hammered from all sides...
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