Rosella Postorino: "Hitler was absurd, he did not eat meat because slaughterhouses seemed cruel"

Since its debut as a writer in 2004 has not stopped. His last and very award-winning novel, The taster, is based on one of the women they sampled the foods of H

Rosella Postorino:

Since its debut as a writer in 2004 has not stopped. His last and very award-winning novel, The taster, is based on one of the women they sampled the foods of Hitler for not envenenaran.

What pushed him to write a novel based on the true story of Margot Wölk, one of the 15 women who cataban meals of Hitler?Above all, know that she was forced to be a taster of Hitler without being a nazi. Margot Wölk did not believe in Hitler, not wanted to save him, but was forced to do so and to put your life in danger for him. What was then a victim?To risk without wanting to his life for Hitler became a victim, three times a day are exposed to die to make a gesture as simple as eating, the gesture is more indispensable to live. But it was also an accomplice, because to taste the food of Hitler contributed to save the absolute evil, to keep with life to the greatest criminal of the TWENTIETH century. That contradiction is what I dazzled, it seemed to me that summarized very well the contradiction of all Mankind. In what sense?The Margot Wölk seems to us a special story, however, it is normalísima, because any human being has the possibility of ending up consenting to and supporting a totalitarian regime to survive, pushed by the instinct of survival that we carry in our DNA. Because human beings are programmed to survive. In her novel Rosa Sauer, the character inspired by Margot Wölk, never seen in person to Hitler...Margot Wölk never saw it. The taster were not worthy to enter the Wolfsschanze [wolf's lair, one of the largest military barracks of Hitler during World War II]. Only the chosen few had the privilege of seeing Hitler in his bunker. But the taster of Hitler were all women arias, isn't it?Yes. There are those who ask me why Hitler chose to jews to catasen the food. On the one hand, I suppose that Hitler did not want to have in the house whom he considered worse than the animals. And in addition it was considered an honor to be able to contribute to the motherland sacrificing their own lives for Hitler, and therefore that function should fall back on the germans. Hitler in his novel is also deeply contradictory. Despite ordering the mass murder of six million jews, not to eat meat because it doesn't support the cruelty of slaughterhouses. Yes, we know this thanks to the memories of one of his secretaries. Indeed, it is absurd that someone like Hitler could not bear the slaughter. As absurd as that in the same year that it enacted the racial laws that were the starting point of the extermination of the jews, forbade cutting the tail and ears of dogs, a practice that was then quite common. It was also very sweet, from time to time gave authentic binge eating chocolate despite suffering from intestinal problems and is then put to severe dieting, fasting and in one week I lost a lot of kilos. Was anyone with feeding problems, was a neurotic, a paranoid, an absurdity, a psychopath. The nazi regime offered a heroic image of Hitler. However, you humanizes him and tells us for example that she suffered from flatulence and that to combat them took up to 16 pills a day.Yes, I was interested in precisely counting these two sides. Some I stack in face have narrated to Hitler as a human being, but he was a human being, and it is an act of responsibility to remember what human beings do to other human beings to not repeat. And narrate Hitler as a human being means to narrate your body, to narrate it like to be mortal and fragile, because so are our bodies. Hitler, indeed, had gastrointestinal problems and flatulence derived from the physiology of digestion, and tell the tale involves a shift from divinizarlo to ridicule. Hitler, a psychopath, came to power. Do you think that today there are neurotic ruling?If it says Matteo Salvini [minister of the Interior and deputy prime minister of italy] it seems to me that it is garbage, but not a neurotic. It is a type of the extreme right, a bad person, without any form of empathy and who don't believe in human beings. Believes only in the power and in an abstract idea of patria, very similar to that of totalitarian regimes. It seems to Me more neurotic Donald Trump, dressed in a weird way, unsettling.

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Date Of Update: 06 November 2018, 08:01