Mike Mitchell Dies: Actor In 'Gladiator' And 'Braveheart' Was 65

Mike Mitchell, an actor who was a former Mr. Universe and went on to star in Gladiator and Braveheart, died Friday, at the age of 65, while on a boat in Turkey. According to his family, his death was due to natural causes.

Mike Mitchell Dies: Actor In 'Gladiator' And 'Braveheart' Was 65

Mitchell started his career as an bodybuilder. He was awarded the Mr. Universe title and won many World Fitness Federation Fitness World Championships as well as five Masters Mr. World titles. He was also a contender for Britain's Strongest Man title. He was awarded the World Fitness Federation's Living Legend Award in 2010, its highest honor.

He was a huge actor and he was cast in Braveheart 1994. He appeared in Gladiator and One Day Removals, City of Hell as well as Emmerdale, Emmerdale, Emmerdale, Emmerdale, Emmerdale, Emmerdale, Gladiator, Gladiator, Gladiator, Gladiator, Gladiator, The Planet and One Day Removals.

Mitchell is survived his wife Denise Mitchell and several of their children. There are no plans for a memorial. __S.11__

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