New bodycam footage shows moments after fatal "Rust" shooting

Santa Fe Sheriff's Office releases new body camera video that shows the panicked moments after Alec Baldwin apparently discharged his gun on the set for "Rust", killing Halyna HUTCHINS, cinematographer.

New bodycam footage shows moments after fatal "Rust" shooting

Baldwin is seen holding the gun prior to the tragedy and the aftermath. Hutchins is on the ground, surrounded by first responders.

Pictures of Baldwin holding the gun after the shooting were also published.

Two officers are seen Baldwin telling them that he did not pull the trigger on the 45-caliber prop guns while rehearsing the scene and that he didn’t know who had put a live round into the weapon.

Baldwin stated, "I take out the gun and as soon as the barrel is clear, I turn the gun and cock it and the gun goes off."

Joel Souza, the director of the video, is also seen lying on the ground after being shot by the bullet that killed Hutchins.

An separate report on working conditions at the "Rust” set revealed that the film's management knew that firearm safety procedures weren't being followed on set. They also showed a clear indifference towards employee safety by failing review work practices and taking corrective action.

Baldwin was also a producer for the film. However, he isn't responsible for the accident.

He stated that he felt that someone was responsible for the events.

Investigators stated that they still need to obtain phone records and ballistic information from the police in order for them to finish their criminal investigation.

Baldwin was not charged.

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