Why Russia's war on Ukraine with tanks has stalled

General Frank McKenzie was shocked by the stalled, sputtering spectacle that the Russian military is creating in Ukraine.

Why Russia's war on Ukraine with tanks has stalled

This revelation almost certainly went to Vladimir Putin. McKenzie stated, "I was surprised at the difficulties they were having." It should concern the Russian leadership.

McKenzie is the commander of U.S. forces for the Middle East. He has spent the past three years working in close proximity with the Russians in Syria and has a good understanding of their history as one the greatest tank armies in the world. However, all of this has been lied about by the first three weeks in war.

McKenzie said that they have not been able to maneuver their armour effectively. McKenzie spoke on behalf of CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. "There is a long history of the Russian military being able deep-armored operations. They were just as skilled at it as anyone else after the Second World War. These guys seem not to have remembered this."

"Should heads be rolled?" Martin asked.

McKenzie responded, "I wouldn't be happy if U.S forces were performing that way." Non-commissioned officers are the backbone for the joint force. These are the people who make sure that things get done, that there are continuing actions taken, and that you dig in so that your tanks don’t run dry.

McKenzie was a young tank commander and watched as an entire column of armored columns advanced on Kyiv.

"If you plan to drive and operate a main combat tank as a commander, which I do, then you must think about how fuel it will cost. You're far behind if you don't think about fueling this beast. They don't seem to have considered basic logistical considerations, and are just trying to move forward.

Martin asked Martin, "Are they surprised that they seem to be sticking with the roads?"

He said, "That's because there isn't enough training." You have to get off the roads in order to maneuver. Roads are death traps for armored vehicles, especially when fighting people with good anti-tank system, which the Ukrainians have.

Wednesday's President Biden made a promise that the U.S. would send 9,000 more antitank weapons. He stated that the United States and its allies and partners were fully committed to providing assistance to Ukraine. "And more will come."

The shoulder-fired Javelin dives on top of tanks where the armor is the thinnest. The Ukrainians have destroyed hundreds of Russian vehicles using everything, from the Javelin with high-end capabilities to the rocket-propelled launcher for work.

Martin asked: "How much of this can be attributed to Russian incompetence rather than Ukrainian skill?"

"That's an excellent question. We'll have to wait to see how the process unfolds to answer it. I would like to say that the Ukrainians have displayed great courage in protecting their country. It is less obvious to me how motivated and aggressive the Russian forces are at the individual soldier level. These are the platoons driving on roads, you know, fighting the enemy.

The Ukrainian resistance stopped Russia's plans to seize Kyiv's capital with a lightning strike during the first days of war. The Russians are now using siege tactics to pound cities and residents with rockets, artillery and mortars after their famed tank army has been halted. They are expected to regroup and attempt again.

"Is it possible that Russia could simply fail to take Kyiv?" Martin asked Martin.

McKenzie responded, "I would be shocked if that outcome occurred." They consider Kyiv very important. They'll do everything they can to get it. I believe there will be a terrible price for the civilian population if they try to move against the city.