12 Words Every Gay Should Know

You may wonder why the title of this post or the reason for the word "you should". Well, the reason is that once one discovers

12 Words Every Gay Should Know

You may wonder why the title of this post or the reason for the word "you should". Well, the reason is that once one discovers, he begins to live and half accept his homosexuality, we begin to get into a very winding terrain where it is always necessary to know and understand some terms whenever they are used around us.

So in this post, I have listed some of the most used words in the gay world. It does not matter if you are a teenager who starts sailing in these waters or a person who already crosses the deepest seas and uses them even in your daily life, we all went through those moments when we wanted to know what they were talking about and we were running to investigate.

#1: Bareback

Having unprotected anal sex, that is, without a condom. Other terms such as barebacking (bb) or pregnant are also used, as a synonym. Normally this type of practice is reached to feel more sexual pleasure or the adrenaline that causes the risk of contracting any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) such as HIV or AIDS. You can check most x tube to see lots of bareback sex videos.

#2: Active

A homosexual person who assumes the role of being who penetrates anally.

#3: Fisting

Fisting is an extreme sexual practice that involves inserting the fist into your partner's anus. How do they do it? I don't know hahaha myself. By the way, they usually abbreviate it as FF.

#4: Bottom

A gay person who prefers and enjoys being penetrated by another man, that is, is passive. They also usually abbreviate it as BTM, BTTM and its variants. Also, in flirting apps, you can also use the down arrow emoji to indicate that they are passive.

#5: Buga

Heterosexual person, that is, someone who is passionate, emotional and whose sexual attraction is towards the opposite sex. So if you have buga friends, explain to them what this word means because then they usually get scared.

#6: Cab

Places where there are several small rooms with computers or screens from which you can enjoy movies or videos with adult content. In some, the people who come there come to take the opportunity to flirt with their cabin neighbors and make the odd little thing.

#7: Jackal

It is usually associated with all gay men who have a rough, coarse and strong appearance that also have physical features of what is socially known as "neighborhood." They tend to have a muscular and firm body, product of their work activities, however, it is not usually as stylized as that of someone who attends the gym and also, not lost in trends and fashions.

#8: Chichifo

They are usually young and graceful gay men who sell their love discreetly (they sell the caress). They can go out with people of their age, younger or older, but provided they can provide them with a certain social and mainly economic position. They are willing to make you feel loved, as long as you buy them or give what they ask. However, in addition to you, they may have someone else with whom they apply the same technique. It is very different from a scort (below).

#9: Escort or Scort

A man dedicated to . Unlike chichifo, a scort is clear that it offers a service, usually for only one night or a simple time. It does not remain with a single couple but has many customers and established rates. In addition, they tend to take good care of their bodies because, to a large extent, they live on that.

#10: Closetero

A homosexual person who has not dared to confess his sexual orientation to society or his family for various reasons. He may feel attracted to the same sex, but he keeps it secret from others, that is, he is very careful with his personal life.

#11: Dark Room

You can usually find them in clubs or somewhere else as departments, where meetings of all kinds are held, from kisses, girdles, oral or anal sex. As the name says, they are spaces in complete darkness where only those who have a view of the tiger can observe what happens.

#12: Entrón

A person who is daring, able to have unprotected sex, use some type of drug or willing to perform unconventional practices in privacy.

There are many more of these terms you need to get familiar with if you are just coming into the gay world. But because of space, I will be stopping at these 12.

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