15 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas for Boys

Godsons, nephews, grandsons, sons, friends' kids, whatever the relationship may be,

15 Fun and Unique Gift Ideas for Boys

Godsons, nephews, grandsons, sons, friends' kids, whatever the relationship may be, there are plenty of easy ways to find a unique and cool gift for young boys. Let’s look at some options that provide for a range of interests and personalities, and find just the right one to fit your own little kid.

1. Water Balloon Filler: The weather is only going to get warmer from here, so encourage him to embrace it and all the fun times that come with it by gifting a ready-to-go water balloon filler that fills one hundred water balloons in under a minute.  Let’s not forget how much fun a good, old fashioned water balloon fight is!  Adults and kids can both enjoy the perks from this gift.

2.  Kool8 Bottle:  Whether they’re more adventuresome and enjoy being outside playing in the yard or they’re athletic and have to hustle to soccer games on the weekends, this refillable water bottle is cool, sleek, and comes in a variety of colors, so you can even match their team uniform! Kool 8 was also recently named one of the best water bottles for hiking by Cool Things Chicago Magazine.  

3. 3D Pen:  There are loads of these on the market and they’re fast becoming a pretty cool tool for people to have.  No need to splurge on some $200 piece, especially when a kid-friendly and cost-effective one will do even better.  They can draw ideas out and the pen creates it from plastic right before their eyes.

4. Mini Cars:  The toy car has always been a classic children’s toy for a reason.  They’re fun, they allow for quite a bit of imagination, and you can make that satisfying “vroom-vroom” noise all day. This collection is bright, unique, and colorful and each purchase also gives a toy to a child in need, so you’re giving even more than you know.  

5. Personalized Custom Star Map: Mark the sky of their special day with a Twinkle in Time poster they can use to decorate the walls of their bedroom.  With Twinkle in Time, you can enter the dates of his birthday (or some other important event) and have it printed onto an 18x24 poster, select a frame and whether you’d like it black or white, and gift them something that’s bound to be unlike their other gifts.

6. Customized Shirt: If you know he’s a fan of attention and loves standing out and feeling special, and enjoys moving and staying active, then a customized t-shirt or hoodie might be the perfect choice. Made with comfortable, breathable fabric, you can screen print a unique logo, saying, picture, or whatever else you can think of onto one of these custom muscle tees.  

7. Rocket Launcher: Let’s be honest, these are just plain fun.  They can step on the pedal, pushing air into the tube and launching the foam rocket up into the sky.  A beautifully simple toy, it doesn’t even need batteries and the foam rocket means they’ll be able to chase it around the yard, trying to pluck it from the sky for hours.

8. Adventure Backpack:  You can easily encourage those more sprightly, adventuresome personalities with an adventure and exploration backpack, complete with all the goods needed for an exciting outdoor excursion.  This bright orange backpack (great for keeping an eye on when you want to just be the lookout) comes with anything he might need for his adventure: a magnifying glass, lensatic compass, a fox whistle, a hand-cranked flashlight, and a pair of binoculars to keep an eye out on all the wildlife.

9. Botany Kit: This is one of those great gifts that is actually a bit educational, but in such a secretive way that he will learn while he plays without ever even realizing it.  Parents love that! This miniature greenhouse kit allows him to learn all about the fundamentals of botany and how to keep plants alive and take care of them.  It’s a bit like a pre-pet to a fish or a puppy.

10.   Electronics Kit:  Not quite as complex as the name implies, this discovery and exploration kit is great for an introduction into high-tech interests.  Encourage a career in science and engineering with this snap circuit board that uses lights and devices to transfer iPhone music into something they can see and touch.

11.   Hover Soccer Ball:  Get kids outdoors, get them playing, but in a fun futuristic way.  This Hovering soccer ball sucks air from above and blows it out the bottom so it stays hovered just above the ground.  With foam edges and LED lights it’s a fantastic toy to chase around the yard trying to kick. You can even add a little net to it, to help them practice aim.   

12.   Space Exploration: How many times have we heard young boys and girls express their desire to be an astronaut when they grow up?  This set of space shuttle figurines covers the history of space exploration with ten replicas they can use with their imagination.  The set also comes with information cards on each shuttle so they can learn about the history as well.

13.    Space Blaster: Take it a step further than simple space exploration with a space blaster shooting game.  Great for two players, it functions as a laser tag game as well as a target-shooting game, letting one or two players aim and hit moving laser targets as they shoot across the room.   

14.   RC Car:  Another great toy that’s enjoyed by both children as well as adults, RC cars have a history of keeping people entertained for longer than you’d think.  They’re quick, fun, exciting, and have great rotating capabilities. Race with one another or drive around alone and attempt tricks. Oh, did we mention this one can even climb up the walls and on the ceiling?

15.   Digital Watch:  Practical and yet also stylish and fun, digital watches are somewhat of a rite-of-passage into one’s youth.  Check out this review for the Omron watch, the latest sensation to keep everyone healthy. They’re great for earning the responsibility of keeping track of time and monitoring one’s self.  They also help kids feel a bit more older and mature. This one also glows in the dark and is fully functional under water, so they can take it on adventures.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:42

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