Carpet Cleaning How Often Should I Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

As a homeowner, keeping the pristine look of your carpet is a must. Being a major component of your home,

Carpet Cleaning How Often Should I Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner
As a homeowner, keeping the pristine look of your carpet is a must. Being a major component of your home, you want it to be free of dust and stain all the time. You probably invested a lot into your carpet; hence, for your carpet cleaning, you should always hire a professional cleaner.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner


You might say you do your part every day in cleaning your carpet. You remove stains and dirt whenever you see one. You vacuum it regularly as a part of your carpet cleaning regime. So you ask, should you still hire a professional carpet cleaner to do deep-cleaning?


Indeed! Here are the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner according to the Refresh Carpet Cleaning website.


They have the skills, expertise, and experience in carpet cleaning


This might be a surprise, but there are ways to clean a carpet that only a professional carpet cleaner knows about. It seems like they know where to check and how to remove stains without spreading it on the carpet itself.


They have the necessary tools for carpet cleaning


Deep-cleaning a carpet requires more than a vacuum. Professional cleaners have all the necessary tools to deep-clean your carpet and to make it look new again. With their tools, you can be sure that every corner of your rug is spotless.


Now that we agreed on the importance of hiring a professional cleaner, when should you hire one then?


When Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?


Carpet deep-cleaning must be done at least once every 18 months. However, if you have kids running around and staining your carpet from time to time, you might want to have it cleaned at least once a year. The same goes for homeowners with pets.


Here are the things that will help you determine as to when you should hire a professional carpet cleaner.


The number of people living in your home


If less than four people are living in your home, you will only require deep-cleaning of your carpet once every 18 months. However, if more than four people are coming in and out, walking on your carpet, you should consider a yearly deep cleaning.


Also, do you allow your family members to wear their shoes indoors? Even if there are just two of you at home, if you wear shoes indoors, you should consider getting your carpet deep-cleaned every 6 or 9 months. Shoes worn outside brings in small particles that your carpet filters.


The number of children you have


Kids spill their drinks and leave crumbs of their foods everywhere, including in your carpet. You probably have seen your kid running in and out of your home, stepping on your carpet with their dirty shoes – leaving tracks of dirt on your carpet.


If you have such active kids, then you should geta professional cleaner to give you a visit every nine months or so. Your carpet will need such cleaning because of the high-traffic it is experiencing and the dirt it is being exposed too.


The number of pets you have


If you have furry friends at home, the need for deep-cleaning is more often than a home with no pets. Pet hair accumulates quickly and sticks on carpets. Even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, deep dirt and grime are harder to remove. You might need a professional cleaner's tool to remove it.


You should also consider having a professional cleaner more often if someone in the household has an allergy. Carpet materials, especially the fibre in your carpet, filter and collects dust and allergens that might affect someone with an allergy, especially fur from your pets.


The material of your carpet


If you have a light-coloured carpet, your room will look brighter. However, the light-coloured carpet gets easily stained. It also reveals the stain easily.


The colour of your carpet and the type of nap or material it has will determine how often you should clean it. If you have a carpet made of lighter colours and a higher nap, you have to clean it more often than a carpet made of darker colour and lower nap.


Your Cleaning Habit


How often do you clean your carpet? Are you able to vacuum it regularly? If you are a busy mom juggling work and motherhood, chances are you no longer have time to clean your carpet. If you only vacuum it once a month, and you have kids and pets, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner every six months.


If you are doing regular cleaning like vacuuming your once carpet once a week, hiring a professional cleaner can wait up to a year.


Now that you determined when to need a professional carpet cleaner, here are tips in finding a professional carpet cleaning company that can help you with your carpet cleaning needs.


Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Service Provider


It is easy to find a company that offers carpet cleaning services. The problem is finding one that offers a quality job. If you are about to embark on this challenge, here are some tips that you can use to get the best carpet cleaning professionals out there.


Background and experience


Before hiring a company to help you deep-clean your carpet, check their background first. How long have they been in the business? Their years in the business says a lot about their experience. If they have been providing bad service, they won't last as a company.


For the best option, always ask for a referral. A friend's referral is always better than a company with a good review on the internet.




Can they accommodate your time and schedule? You are seeking a professional cleaner because you don't have time to do the cleaning yourself. Don't wait for a company to be available when they can. Look for a carpet cleaning company that prioritizes their clients like you.




How much do they charge? On average, the deep cleaning of a carpet costs around $150 to $260. This is for a regular-sized carpet. Before picking a service company to hire, compare their pricing. What if you have more rooms and carpets for cleaning? Will they offer a discount?


Speed of Cleaning


Cleaning your carpet, especially if it is in the living room, means displacing some furniture to take the carpet out. It means having the living room off-limits for the meantime. For this reason, check with the service company if they can finish the cleaning in a day. What is their guaranteed completion time?


Final Thought


Now that you have an idea of when to hire a professional carpet cleaner and how to choose a good one, you can now easily maintain the clean and aesthetic look of your rug. Don't wait for your carpet to look too dirty before hiring a cleaner. Always have it cleaned on time to lengthen its life and to maintain its pristine beauty.

Date Of Update: 14 November 2019, 00:21

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