How to Improve the Outlook of a College Dorm

Thinking of improving your college dorm appearance? Good job!

How to Improve the Outlook of a College Dorm

Thinking of improving your college dorm appearance? Good job!

A college dorm is like home to students. That's why they ensure that the place renders the same feel as it does in their own home. From beds to walls, one can customize the place to spruce up the vibes.

With the right tactics, the entire place can be transformed into a desirable dorm. Wondering what ideas can help? Get started with the finest tactics present below.

#1 Add Some Greenery

Busy college life calls for some relaxation, and what's better than adding some nature into the dorm? It can enhance the atmosphere naturally and keep the place fresh. Also, it's counted as the finest adornment if you want something basic yet attractive.

From bonsai to medicinal plants, you have endless greens to add to the place. You can also put them into pots or vessels for a better overall outlook. Then there are hooks and hangers to give your ceilings a precise aura.  

#2 Unique Wall Arts

Wall arts can intensify the essence of the room and make it more ravishing in appearance. Whenever a person enters the dorms, their eyes instantly meet the wall. Throw in some bright colors and blend them with designs and patterns for a magnificent background.


You can keep it simple with plain colors and minimal designs or go bold with it. Anything that matches your personality is worth adding to the walls. Now, if you are out of ideas, check out some really interesting dorm wall art ideas here.

#3 Lights, Lights, Everywhere!

Lights are the new way to glisten the entire dorm. You can either keep it basic with small bulbs or go pretty with twinkling lights. While simple yellow lighting would be appropriate, you can make it more lively and vibrant with multicolored ones.

You can either add a single strand on the back of the bed or make patterns through the same. There are also a variety of neon lights available nowadays from which you can choose.

Either way, these lights should add a hint of dazzle and improve the aura of the entire room. Besides, the lights go really well with subtle wall colors. You can also outline the photo frames or mirrors with small silver lights.

#4 Add Rugs

Rugs have become the new talk of the town in the world of adornment. They dazzle the forms and provide comfort while walking. These are also an appropriate place for good seatings and add a protective layer to the carpet.

Additionally, rugs add a decorative touch with varied colors, textures, and patterns. You can call it an art piece for your floor where furniture and other entities can be placed. The best part? Rugs can eliminate any unnecessary sound and make your place free from irrelevant chatter.

#5 Add Posters and Decoratives

Fan of Selena Gomez? Add it to your dorm. Apart from the perfect wall background, posters can be your go-to choice to enhance the atmosphere. You can theme it up with your favorite pop star's picture or anything that soothes your soul.


There are also endless decoratives to add to the dorm. You can install shelves, curate gallery walls, or hang up multiple mirrors within the space. If you like some quotes, hang in just above the seating area to make it look more elegant.  

#7 Space for Friends

Dorm life calls for hangouts, and that's why you should make a separate space for your friends. Arrange a confined space within the dorm and include tables, seatings, and more. You can either go for something unique or settle with the conventional bean bags.

Sidewise, you can include board games in the areas for a fun activity. Make sure to include a surface to keep all the snacks and drinks. You can also include some comic books, magazines, and cards to make it more amusing.

#8 Make Your Bed Fluffy with Pillows

Gone are the moments when there was only one pillow for your bed. Nowadays, people are making their dorm beds fluffy with multiple pillows.

Besides, there are distinct shapes and sizes of these entities for extra comfort. You can get them themed as per your room colors or try some unique patterns like emojis, fruits, alphabets, etc.


Make sure to keep it secured at the back of the bed for that pretty yet classic look. Also, you can add in some cushions and mix them with pillows. Those look great too!

What's Next

Now that you know the ways to improve your college dorm outlook, do not hesitate to start decorating. We would advise you to start with the walls first as it's the first thing a visitor notices.

Any unique art on its surface makes the dorm more attractive. Moving on, you can incorporate lights, plants, posters, and whatnot.

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