"Point 6": Vanessa Civiello and her fellow moderators

The team of moderators of the early magazines "Punkt 6", "Punkt 7" and "Punkt 8" continues to grow.

"Point 6": Vanessa Civiello and her fellow moderators

The team of moderators of the early magazines "Punkt 6", "Punkt 7" and "Punkt 8" continues to grow. Vanessa Civiello will be leading the shows from August 1st (also on RTL). You should know that about the "Toggo Radio" presenter and her colleagues.

Vanessa Civiello started in 2020 as a presenter of "Toggo Radio - Your Morning". According to RTL, she will remain loyal to the broadcaster apart from "Point 6/7/8". During an internship at "bigFM" in Stuttgart, she discovered her interest in radio and completed a traineeship at "Radio Galaxy". She then moderated the morning show on "bigFM" with Rob Green for almost two years. As a radio presenter, she also spoke to the listeners on the Mallorcan island radio.

He should be known to most viewers above all as the iconic voice of the "Love Island" dating format on RTLzwei: With Simon Beeck (42), the broadcaster has brought an experienced presenter for breakfast television on board. Born in Görlitz, he moderated his first radio show at the age of 15. After graduating from high school and doing a traineeship, he moderated at Radio Bremen for ten years. Since then, 14 years have followed at 1LIVE (WDR). Since 2012, Beeck has also been in front of the camera as a television presenter, including for the 1LIVE Krone award ceremony, for "Geld oder Liebe" or the Sat.1 show "Dinner Party - Der Talk".

Born in Frankfurt, Daniel Fischer (45) started in 1998 as a trainee at Radio Primavera and Radio Tele FFH and as a moderator at Planet Radio. He has been a moderator on Hit Radio FFH since 2001 and can be heard in "Guten Morgen Hessen", among other things. Between 2005 and 2010 he presented the TV children's show "1, 2 oder 3" on ZDF as moderator. Since 2016, Fischer has also been the stadium announcer at DFB international matches.

From 2006 to 2008 she was part of the permanent moderation team of "Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen": Annika Lau (43) volunteered at the Straubinger Radio AWN and switched to Antenne Bayern in 2002. In addition to "Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen", she was also seen in Sat.1 formats such as "Das Große Backen" and "Das Magazin". Annika Lau has also been moderating the new "Gala" magazine on RTL since 2022. In addition to her TV career, the wife of actor Frederick Lau (32) is also on Spotify and Co. – in "Fancy und Lau – Der Familienpodcast" the mother of three reports on having children and family life.

Since January 2022, Annett Möller (44) has been part of the moderation team of the former RTL early morning magazine "Guten Morgen Deutschland". After training as an actor, she started a traineeship at RTL Nord in 2003, where she presented the regional magazine "Guten Abend RTL". In 2005 she switched to n-tv and presented the magazine "n-tv Knowledge" in addition to "Der Morgen bei n-tv". From 2008 to 2017 she presented "RTL Aktuell" in alternation with other moderators. After a baby break, she returned to TV and was featured in the Sat.1 magazine "Endlich Feierabend", which has since been discontinued.

Marco Schreyl (48) has been part of the “Guten Morgen Deutschland” team since December 2021. He started his TV career in 1997 as a news presenter and sports presenter at MDR. In 2000 he switched to ZDF and presented the show "hello deutschland", five years later he switched to RTL. Until 2012 he moderated several seasons of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and until 2011 "Das Supertalent" as well as sporting events such as the Four Hills Tournament or the Handball World Championship. In 2020 he presented his own RTL talk show, which was discontinued. Since 2013 Marco Schreyl has also been working for various television and radio formats for WDR, WDR2, WDR5, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Eurosport.

Parallel to her master’s degree at Gutenberg University in Mainz (journalism and American studies), Daniela Will gained initial experience in the TV editorial offices of AFN, ZDF (Hessen state studio) and SWR from 2011. After a traineeship and subsequent job as an editor at "17:30 Sat.1 Live", she worked as an editor at Final Frame Content GmbH. In May 2016, the Mannheim native switched to Welt, formerly N24, as an editor and reporter.

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