Henrik Lundqvist speaks out about the rumors, can provide

Henrik Lundqvist, who fill the 38 in less than two weeks, is going through its hardest period in the history of the NHL-his career at the moment. He had 11 se

Henrik Lundqvist speaks out about the rumors, can provide

Henrik Lundqvist, who fill the 38 in less than two weeks, is going through its hardest period in the history of the NHL-his career at the moment.

He had 11 seasons with at least 30 victories, now has it work cut out to get to 30 starts this season.

Since the new year, and Henrik Lundqvist only started four games. Gone to Detroit, he kept a clean sheet for the first time since november, 2017 on the other – but the other three have been in the förlustkolumnen. Against Dallas on February 3, he was replaced after two periods. On the 15th of the shots was behind him.

The principal reason for Lundqvist to more obscure role, is called The Sjestiorkin. The Russian listed was up to the Rangers at the beginning of the month of January. Since then, the Sjestiorkin, 24, of the United Georgijev, may 24, the Team rotated in a non-conventional, try to keep three of the national hockey league (NHL goalies in time on the same team at the same time. However, recently, the Rangers coach David Quinn, a out and said that the goal was not to keep all three of the hot and Sjestiorkin was in the team as first-choice goalkeeper.

on Tuesday, trained with the Rangers in the gymnasium at the Tarrytown, north of New York city, and while the stars Artemij Panarin, and then Mika Zibanejad skated round and tanned, and nojsade, that he, who had been the King of New York, for more than 15 years, is not at all like to have as much fun on the job. He doesn't know when he'll be in the Rangers ' case the next time around.

" I'll take it day-by-day, has been doing it for quite a long time. I'm trying to work out and keep up the momentum. And hopefully ... it will be something special, " says the Team after the training session.

" Uh, yeah... I don't have a whole lot to say about it right now. It is, of course... and I would like to play. It is what it is all about. There hasn't been much in the last two months of the year. The situation is what it is. It is very, very different. Yes, that's what I have to say at the moment.

”it doesn't Look like I'll be playing a lot of” < / span>

a Long silence.

" Yes... How did they go...?

a Long silence again.

" it's Hard to say. Well, no, but I will get a game. But it does not look like that, I'm going to play a lot. And so goes the debate.

the NHL's trejdingdeadline the 24th of February. Over a long period of time would the Rangers try and trade Georgijev, who has been the closing of the contracts, however, Georgijev, is still standing, and in recent times, there has been more and more of a possibility for the Rangers to make it to that, until very recently, seemed to be incredible to move on Henrik Lundqvist.

" Well, I've had discussions throughout the season. It's... it's what I have to say.

" No comment.

" Like I said, there is a focus on the training and make it as good as I can. After that... the judgment, discussions that we have, those we keep in house, this is not an issue that we are talking to you about this.

" Well, yes, but it's not clear. In addition to, perhaps, a year at the Most as I worked my way up into the first team, so I have not been as first-choice goalkeeper throughout his career. There is a certain amount of matter, there is a certain approach, when you go out there and play. You know you want to play.

" It's here, in the last two months of the year actually, especially in the last two months of the year, it has been a very, very different. It was quite a change from last year when we started to play a more younger, and a different rotation than what it has been in the others for 13 years. However, the league was towards the end, it doesn't. Now, it is an extreme situation, and there are three of us. However, it is clear that physically you can keep going. It's not a problem. Your body is very good. It is more matchfokus and that kind of thing... and When you're playing, you get up and go to war. It's not going to be as it use to be like, but you must really work hard in order to find the feeling. It's just a question.

Henrik Lundqvist to Colorado?

this is One of those teams that looks to be going strong towards the playoffs, but nonetheless has been a gap in the målvaktssidan and, thus, would be interested in an experienced goalkeeper who has won the big games, is the Colorado Rockies.

the Buzz of the team's målvaktsjakt became even stronger after Philipp Grubauer was injured during the utematchen to Los Angeles this past weekend, and states now rely on the unproven, the Czech republic, Pavel Francouz.

" Like I said. We will have a discussion in-house. This is where we keep them. We'll have to see. We'll have to see what's going on. I have nothing more to add really. I don't want to add more right now. We'll have to see.

a version of the bubblat of the discussions in the Team, he is going to be bought out by the Rangers after the season, and possibly get some sort of job within the organization. In this way, the Rangers will be able to retain both of the other goalkeepers and to be a part of Lundqvist's great lönetaksträff, which now occupies a total of 8.5 million dollars to the Rangers. Lundqvist's contract extends over the next year.

" this is The kind of discussion does not take place now. It is further in the future. At the moment, I'm focused on coming here, do a good job, and get a chance to play. This is where I am. Everything else, that is for another time to discuss.

During this stressful time, try to Team switch off the hockey game, even if it is hard to begin with.

" It is clear that the family, the kids will brejks. But otherwise... You're thinking, of course, is out there. You are in hockey, in a situation like this when you play a lot, and it is a good thing. When you're in one of those extreme situations, with very little in the game, and you're done, you analyze a lot and think a lot. You are trying to get to the brejksen yourself a little bit... Well, it is the family which is number one.

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