Linköping's many years of struggle for proper health care

Ingegerd Persson and Russia outside the town of Borås in the last decade have got to seek out health care more often than many people make in their entire lifet

Linköping's many years of struggle for proper health care

Ingegerd Persson and Russia outside the town of Borås in the last decade have got to seek out health care more often than many people make in their entire lifetime.

She tells me that she hasn't gotten the help that she needed, and, in particular, to:

She doesn't have the answers to many of your questions.

" When I was 50 years old, and in 2008, I started to get pains in my feet, and sought treatment for it, but couldn't find anything wrong. During the three years it was getting worse and worse by the balansbesvär, and pains in the joints, " says Ingegerd Persson, who in the past have been interviewed by the Borås Tidning.
The kortisonbehandlats in nine years,
in 2011, she met a doctor who said that she appeared to be suffering from hashimoto's disease, which means that the thyroid gland is inflamed.

to Her, began to be treated with a steroid, something she does even to this day, nine years later.

Such as thyroid disease, diabetes, and binjurebesvär to be treated in a endokrinologimottagning in the hospital.

there was a referral from a medical doctor at Linköping medical center, and a egenremiss of her own, but she was never there on the beach.

" When you eat a good for more than three weeks, shut the adrenal glands, it's no wonder. However, there is a risk that they will not start again, and this time you have to eat good in order to function as it should. It's become a sort of catch-22, " she said.

the Southern Älvsborg Hospital, has received critical acclaim from The.Photo by: < / b> by NORA LOREK . ”was Pouring out of the blood out of my eyes
In the autumn of the year 2018, it notified Her of its lengthy one, vårdproblem to the health and social care, The. In her complaint, she informed us of what had happened, and she said, among other things:

”I need some help before I die. As a serious response, and the provision of adequate treatment”.

On the basis of the long-kortisonbehandlingen, she has also, unwittingly, have developed the disease.

It was found in a glukostest, after the summer walked up, and had to go by ambulance to the hospital.

" It was pouring blood out of my eyes and the doctor asked me if I knew that I had sky-high blood glucose value. This is a result of the cortisone treatment, " says Ingegerd Persson.

the Following have been submitted in the three weeks she was sent home with home care and home help services.

" I lost my century and I could not move without a wheelchair for the first few months. A little more than two months ago, I was able to stop the wheelchair. I was not able to move, is not the kind of thing that I got the answer as to why I wasn't able to. That's a lot of questions, and I can't find the answer in public, " says Lage, who is now hoping to get a summary of the full evaluation regarding their medical conditions over the last ten years.

The target of criticism
Ivos the decision was taken in early January of this year.

They believe the doctor, both at the Närhälsan Haven medical center, and the endokrinologimottagningen at Southern Älvsborg's hospital failed in their care and treatment.

a Doctor at the Southern Älvsborg hospital, endokrinologimottagning have been lacking in their care and treatment, and turns The fixed.Photo by: < / b> BJORN LARSSON ROSVALL / TT NEWS agency

In the decision, writing The among other things, that to Her was the prescribed drug in the doctor's office, in the Sanctuary, but to the underlying diagnosis has been confirmed, as well as to the physician at the Southern Älvsborg hospital disputed a diagnosis, but to offer Her a charge.

About the flaws in the doctor's office, write The following:

”The medical record indicates that the patient is seeking medical care repeated in the doctor's office, and a number of surveys were carried out. However, the requested person is not the root cause of the patient's cortisone treatment after a long period of time. It is also clear that the patient had been in contact with several of the treatment centres, and that the medicine adjustments made during these times.
Her Bishop, 62, has been kept in the hospital on several occasions.Photo by: < / b> Private
On what is happening at the Southern Älvsborg hospital, enter the following:

”It is The eu's assessment that the patient has not received skilled and compassionate care by the physician when the patient is not offered, a visit to the endokrinologmottagningen. / .. / , With the cause of the patient's presenting symptoms will, and many of the questions of the opinion The patient should be offered a physical visit to the clinic.”

Chefläkare Mats Elm, which represents the Närhälsan Haven health care center, said.

" The criticised for writing out the good, but to be sure of the diagnosis, and I can understand that. However, this doctor also made sincere attempts to de-escalate the treatment, and also sent a referral to the endokrinologimottagningen in the hospital.

as He points out, also, that the drugs had been printed for a long period of time.

" It is always important to make sure to finish and see what it's all about the situation with each and every patient. Therefore, he wrote a referral for the woman to get help, and Mats Elm.

the Hospital's response
Sarah Degerman (stockholm: Carlsson, chefläkare at Southern Älvsborg's hospital.

" of course, It is important to reflect on how well we do things, and it is extremely important that the patient feels comfortable. The effort to do does not depend on the remittances, but on a medical assessment. We deny no one care.

She goes on to explain matters of principle to be discussed in the samverkanskanaler between the hospital's management staff and the primärvårdschefer.

" It's been part of our media and how well the Seas are working and if there are any problems. We will discuss the nature of the questions.
Sarah Degerman, Carlsson is chefläkare of the Seas.Photo by: < / b> Richard Clough / Seas
Lage Persson thinks that it is a positive thing that The gives the right.

"Me, personally, it doesn't help, but maybe you could open your eyes to how it selects people who will get health care and diseases, a doctor and a health care think this is something to focus on," she said.

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