"important today": Breaking taboos at traffic lights: The new gas policy in a reality check

Now taboos are being broken that were unthinkable just a few months ago.

"important today": Breaking taboos at traffic lights: The new gas policy in a reality check

Now taboos are being broken that were unthinkable just a few months ago. In the 330th episode, "stern" editor Rolf-Herbert Peters classifies "important today" as to whether it is realistic for nuclear power, speed limits or fracking (again) to have a place in current energy policy. These are topics that, according to Peters, become taboo "if they call into question the energy transition that we all decided on many years ago".

Three nuclear power plants in Germany will continue to produce electricity until January 31, when the Greens will have achieved what they consider to be one of the core demands of their policy: the end of nuclear energy - actually, because now electricity production should possibly be extended by stretching operations. According to Rolf-Herbert Peters, this is only possible for a certain period of time. Because in order to really bring nuclear energy back, new fuel rods would have to be procured abroad and safety tests would have to be carried out. According to Peters, that would be a real break in taboo – much too complex and time-consuming. In his opinion, it would be much more important to concentrate on the energy transition "and that's where the problem is massive," he says.

Sure, opinionated, on the 12: "important today" is not just a news podcast. We set topics and initiate debates - with attitude and sometimes uncomfortable. Host Michel Abdollahi and his team of stern and RTL reporters speak to the most exciting people from politics, society and entertainment. They let all voices have their say, both the quiet and the loud. Anyone who hears "important today" starts the day well-informed and can have a well-founded say.

A simple step not only to save oil but also to reduce CO2 emissions would be the speed limit. However, after the traffic light coalition negotiations, it quickly became clear that the FDP would not go along with this step. At the same time, says Peters, Germany is the last country in Europe that doesn't have a speed limit. "There is apparently still a vague fear in Germany that fewer cars will be bought here if you can no longer drive freely on the autobahns. In all the others In some countries, however, this has proven to be a mistake: he says the speed limit cannot be rationally explained: "It's the FDP's clientele policy."

Fracking, which has been banned since 2017, is back in the debate about German gas policy – ​​as is the idea of ​​lifting sanctions against Russia in order to persuade Putin to deliver more gas again. These are suggestions that Rolf-Herbert Peters explains in the current "today important" episode as making little sense. However, the "stern" editor thinks it is right to make citizens more responsible for saving gas, because he is certain: "Everyone can make a big difference with small contributions."

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