Pier: Thousands of people demonstrating refugee rescue

In Berlin and Hamburg, thousands have protested for 34; safe havens in Europe 34; The international organization of the Pier had called for the protests throughout Europe.

Pier: Thousands of people demonstrating refugee rescue

Several thousand people have demonstrated in Hamburg and Berlin for rescue of refugees in Mediterranean Sea. In Berlin-Mitte, demonstrators and demonstrators moved from whey market to red Town Hall to Brandenburg Gate under motto "Berlin to safe haven for refugees". The organizers spoke of 2,500 participants. The police didn't want to comment on number.

"The demo was completely peaceful, re were no disturbances," said a spokesman of organization Pier. The initiative called on Berlin Senate to voluntarily accept people rescued from distress and to "offer m offensively". In addition, all possibilities would have to be used to "issue visas and group residence rights for rescued".

In Hamburg, demonstrators moved from landing bridges to stadium of FC St. Pauli. Many football fans joined club re. The goal of demonstrators was Hamburg city Hall in city centre. In Hamburg, too, participants demanded that city be made a "safe haven" for refugees and rescued from distress.

The Protestant Bishop Kirsten Fehrs called for safe and legal escape routes to Europe at start of landing bridges. It also pleaded for a political solution so that all European states would be responsible for reception of refugees. According to Alliance Pier, more than 16,000 people participated in rally in Hamburg.

We are more! We are 16400 people who are alone in Hamburg on street! seebruecke TogerForRescue bridgesnotwalls Wirsindmehr

— Pier Hamburg (@SeebrueckeHH) September 2, 2018

The demonstrations were part of Europe-wide protest week "European protests – build bridges not walls". They were organized by International Alliance Pier, which, according to its own data, is carried by more than a dozen civil society organisations.

The initiative arose spontaneously when lifeline was prevented from entering a port with 234 people on board. If European governments in DerFlüchtlingsfrage failed, it is up to cities to act, wrote pier on internet. Already last July HatteSeebrücke in several German cities for rescue of Flüchtlingendemonstriert.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2018, 12:00

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