Protests in Köthen: no second Chemnitz

After the death of a 22-year-old, 2,500 demonstrators gathered at a rally in Köthen. Right-wing slogans fell. Otherwise it remained calm.

Protests in Köthen:   no second Chemnitz

After a 22-year-old died in Kön shortly after a quarrel with heart failure, right-wing groups in social networks have called for a so-called funeral march. More than 2,500 people were following call to Kön city centre, and shared location center of Ministry of Interior. Previously, significantly lower numbers of participants had been reported.

First of all, participants moved silently and without banners or banners in direction of crime scene. There y put flowers down and lit lighters. Later re was an open microphone in which participants could express ir concerns. Live recordings of Taz reporter Martin Kaul, according to a speaker, applauded a "race war", one would "turn mourning into rage". Several or speakers called Kön mayor and Berlin politician "people traitors", moreover, crowd repeatedly chanted "resistance", "We are people" and "lies Press".

In view of Chemnitz's experience, police had set mselves up for mass protests and received reinforcements from Lower Saxony and Berlin, among ors. However, it remained calm at first. Earlier in evening, about 50 people at station had demonstrated against right-baiting. The leftist politician Henriette Quade had called for this. "Where mob is formed, we spark in between", stood on banners. In addition, a funeral service for deceased was held in afternoon in St. Jacob's Church. About 300 people, including several politicians, came to devotional. "The death of a human being is worst reason for instrumentalization," said church president Joachim Liebig. The state Church of Anhalt, Kön parishes and mayor Bernd Domestic Child (SPD) had invited. The Protestant state Church of Anhalt wants to collect donations for funeral of victim in Kön.

No direct link between injuries and heart failure

On night of Sunday re had been a quarrel between two men groups. The original object of dispute was to be a contentious farhood. There was also a physical struggle. A short time later, one of men died of acute heart failure, police Directorate of Saxony-Anhalt east on Sunday evening, citing provisional autopsy result. The heart failure is not "in direct causal relation to injuries suffered". According to information from central German newspaper, 22-year-old had a cardiac precondition. There was no official confirmation of this at first.

Against two men who have Afghan nationality, will be determined because of suspicion of dangerous bodily injury and because of initial suspicion of bodily injury with death sequence. The public prosecutor Dessau-Roßlau wanted to make appropriate detention requests at competent district court. The dead man was a German citizen. Right-wing Radicals refore see case as an example of increasing alien crime. However, background of event and exact course of dispute are still unclear; Investigators refer to ongoing surveys.

Haseloff warns against instrumentalization of case

Saxony-Anhalt Minister President Reiner Haseloff (CDU) warned against instrumentalization of case. "With all emotionality, every attempt is to be rejected, from Kön, as internet means to want to make a second Chemnitz," said Haseloff. The district administrator of Kreis Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Uwe Schulze (CDU), said that succession of Chemnitz and Kön "is bad for us". The federal government must consider how it wants to shape overall migration. Saxony-Anhalt minister of Interior Holger Stahl Knecht called for Prudence. He has full understanding of citizens ' concerns, said CDU politician. The rule of law would use all means consistently, judiciary and police determined in close coordination. "The tragic death of young man is very close to me, and I deeply regret what has happened," said Minister of Interior.

A 35-year-old was killed two weeks ago in Chemnitz. Two young men from Syria and Iraq now sit in custody. Anor suspect is being sought. Since n, re have always been racist attacks and radical right-wing marches with thousands of participants in Chemnitz. In demonstrations, some Hitler's greetings were shown, Nazi slogans roared and people were hunted.

Updated Date: 10 September 2018, 12:00

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