Racial profiling: for regular guests only

Teachers, classmates and colleagues told our author that he was 34;D Eutscher 34;. Before Clubtüren, something else was conveyed to him. The bitterness SAT firm.

Racial profiling: for regular guests only
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    Racism ranks our thinking and living toger. With series everyday racism we want to find out why this is what this means for society and how this could be changed. Here Hasan Gabriel describes why it is not a Petitesse if you do not come by bouncer.

    The queue before entrance of club became shorter, looks of bouncers came closer. There were ten or fifteen guests in front of me. They talked loudly, laughed, some drank beer before front door and rousted empty bottle into bushes. I wasn't so loose. I was nervous. Just not to be turned away when my entire school year is celebrating here, I thought. On my phone I read a text message to distract myself: "Everyone is here. Have to come! "wrote to me a classmate who was already in it.

    It was 2004, I was just before Abitur exams in Bremen. The town-known Stubu, short for student Shack, was at end of Bremen disco Mile. The tequila in club tasted hideous, shoes stuck on floor and on dance floor one met Bremen's biggest rednecks. I liked it, I was 19.

    who had danced with whom? who had frenched with whom? In first big break on Monday we would unpack stories, maybe even years later at class meetings, I imagined. I had persuaded my far to give me 50 euros. I was sure it would be a good evening. But my boss, an end 40-year-old man with short hair, thick belly and black jacket, still stood between me and front door.

    When asked who was allowed into club and who did not, bouncers were strict but clear: only women came in without problems, even minors. Men were sifted. Germans had no problems, y had to stagger heavily in order not to be allowed in. Poles and Russians also went through as Germans because of ir mostly bright hair and came in. It was different with Turks, Arabs, Kurds – people like me. We only had a chance if we knew bouncers or had a crazy luck. The club operators did not want any trouble and solution promised that y would deny entry to most Turks, Arabs and Kurds.

    I didn't know Stubu bouncer personally, so I had to trick. Just before I looked him in eye, I put my hands in jeans pockets, shirt I had buttoned up. I wanted to look particularly friendly. I shaved my beard at that time, even though I liked to wear it. But a black beard means Turk and Turk means Sourners and Sourners means: You're not coming in.

    Regulars were Björns, Christopher and Maximilian, but no mehmets, Ali and Hakans.

    Five, four, three, two one-- guests in front of me went in, n it was my turn. The bouncer looked at me. Then he shook his head as if he had discovered a crook. Out! Out! Out! "he cried. "Why?" I asked. "Only for regulars," he answered rudely.

    Regulars, which I saw when leaving serpent, were throngs of Erasmus students. Visitors who were named Björn, Christopher and Maximilian, not Mehmet, Ali or Hakan.

    ... although I'm Hasan Hot

    I have often heard from teachers, classmates and later work colleagues that I am German, even though I am called Hasan. But before Clubtüren, something else was funneled to me. Everything is me – but not a German.

    I had no criminal record, never trouble with police, I didn't look like a racket. I graduated from high school and later studied like many of my deutschtürksichen friends. But that didn't count. Wher in Bremen, Düsseldorf, Munich, Passau, Hanover, Hamburg, in all se cities it was not always, but all too often only about wher we looked Mediterranean.

    For a time my German Turkish friends and I did not even try to get into clubs. We wanted to spare ourselves moment we had to turn around and rest of serpent watched us as if we had been caught stealing. So we made swerve in alternative basement clubs, although we didn't like music re. Sometimes we resigned and sat too early in tram home.

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