Vegetables beats every vitamin pill

Pills like Smarties: A quarter of all Germans take vitamin C, calcium or magnesium. At best, these vitamin pills are just expensive. At worst, they hurt.

Vegetables beats every vitamin pill
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    Quickly anor multivitamin supplement in shopping cart and n off to checkout: Dietary supplements have become a lifestyle product that has long since been available in drugstore and supermarket. A tablet is often supposed to contain all that body needs in terms of vitamins or minerals. The most important of and vegetables fruit pressed toger to become an uncomplicated guarantor for DieGesundheit. Such promise at least some manufacturers VonVitaminpräparaten and or dietary supplements. And according to statistics, you seem to believe a lot of Germans: 165Millionen packs of food supplements are sold every year, about 30 percent of adults in Germany nehmenregelmäßig products containing vitamins or minerals. The best way to sell magnesium is in this country, followed by Kalziumund Iron. But what do pills bring? Or do y even hurt you?

    First of all, it is true that human body regularly needs minerals such as magnesium or calcium and vitamins. A hand-tight deficiency can lead to cramps and muscle spasms auchzu fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort and heart-rhythm disorders. Only: "There is usually no shortage of erstgar in Germany," says Christian Sina, director of Institute FürErnährungsmedizin at University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein Inlübeck. Even those who do not eat täglichObst or vegetables usually take enough vitamins, trace elements and minerals over ir food.

    Food supplements can never replace fruit or vegetables. Christian Sina, nutritional practitioner

    First Einebesonders micro-nährstoffarme and one-sided nutrition – frozen pizza and toast with Nutella for example – over Einenlängeren period can lead to deficiency symptoms that sichnegativ affect health. But even when it comes to this, pills do not help: "Such shortcomings prevent sichkaum by dietary supplements, because könnenniemals fruit or vegetables replace," says Sina. The reason: It can't about single vitamins or minerals. "In VielenGemüsesorten re are more than 400 ingredients that are important for body. Vitamins only make a small part of it, "SagtSina. Secondary plant substances, fibre, Mineralstoffeund trace elements are also important for body – and Vielevon y cannot be "packaged" in food supplements.

    No benefit in large studies

    Everything pointless with colorful pills? Not quite. Finally, dietary supplements contain at least a fraction of substances important to body. The next difficulty, however: do y even come in Körperan to unfold ir effect? For wher and to what parts substances imgastrointestinal tract are absorbed depends on many things. From preparation, but also from how old you are, what you eat and drink before and after taking tablet. In this way, high-fat foods can hinder absorption of calcium and magnesium in gastrointestinal tract, while in turn promoting absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

    Neverless, in recent years, researchers have carried out hundreds of studies on wher nutritional supplements and vitamin pills have a positive effect on health (e.g. PLoS one: Anders Schroeter, 2017 or: Jama: Rizos et al., 2012) a task that Or than light is, among or things, because unambiguous cause-effect relationships due to dervielen influences on illness and health can hardly ermittelnsind. And because diet is very difficult to control anyway. Taken toger, result is also sobering: majority of studies show that intake of Nahrungsergänzungsmittelnnicht is equated with intake of appropriate substances, for example in fruit or vegetables. There was no added value in larger studies. The consequence: "We know by now that substances should not be equated with nutritional supplements with dennatürlich occurring substances", says Christian Sina.

    Date Of Update: 17 June 2018, 12:02

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