Ver. Di survey: For a good supply, around 80,000 nursing staff are missing

An analysis of the Ver. Di trade union shows that there are still too few staff in hospitals. The whole system was fragile, employed and 34; worn 34;.

Ver. Di survey: For a good supply, around 80,000 nursing staff are missing

According to Service trade union, federal German hospitals lack approximately 80,000 nursing staff. A stress check showed that personnel are currently only sufficient until 25th of a month, said health Department of Ver. di-Federal French Foreign Legion Sylvia Bühler. Therefore, at least 22 percent more nursing posts would have to be created in hospitals. The lack of staff in old care was similarly alarming. Around 63,000 nursing staff were absent nationwide.

The personnel blanket is "frighteningly short," said Bühler. Under se conditions, "dignified care" is not possible for patients or carers. The system only work because employees often went beyond ir limits of exposure. Nursing staff would be "worn out". In case of a night shift, a single caregiver is sometimes responsible for 30 to 40 patients, said Bühler. 166 hospitals with 590 stations and 13,000 employees participated in random load check of ver. di from 1 March to 30 May.

At health Conference of countries this Wednesday in Düsseldorf, Ver. Di calls on nursing and elderly nurses to a demonstration. The Union is calling for statutory regulations for staffing in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide. It also requires a noticeable relief for employees. In German clinics alone, staff push a mountain of 35.7 million hours ahead of m, said Bühler. This is equivalent to 32.5 overtime per employee.

The 13,000 places in old care that were envisaged by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) are far from sufficient, says Ver. di. In order to raise all Länder "to best, but not yet sufficient" level of care in Bavaria, additional 63,000 places are necessary. At present, about one million employees in Germany worked in nursing, of which 450,000 in 13,600 stationary facilities.

Less than 2,000 euros per month

The union also calls for more money for employees in care. According to Ver. Di, average payment of an old nursing power is 2,600 euro per month. But re are strong regional differences, Bühler said. In East Germany, an old nurse often earns less than 2,000 euros a month. The state must finally react to that. In hospitals with a much stronger tariff bond, average earnings for nursing staff are already at 3,200 euros per month.

The German Foundation for Patient Protection also appealed to health ministers to give a clear answer to lack of nursing staff. Mandatory and patient-oriented personnel keys for all departments in clinics were necessary, said board member Eugen Brysch.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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