CB Richard Sherman, a free agent, is charged with domestic violence burglary

According to public records, Richard Sherman, a free-agent cornerback, was taken into custody near Seattle and charged with burglary domestic violence.

CB Richard Sherman, a free agent, is charged with domestic violence burglary

According to the King County Superior Court Clerk's Office, Sherman, 33, was taken into custody at King County (Wash.), Correctional Facility in Seattle at 06:08 PT. He has been refused bail. This is the standard procedure for any domestic violence charge.

Redmond (Wash.), police released that Sherman tried to enter a relative's home early Wednesday morning. Officers were called upon the scene.

Redmond police say Sherman was not inside the house when officers arrived. According to police, Sherman was reportedly not cooperative and got into an altercation. Police deployed a K9 dog to assist and Sherman was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

Redmond police stated that a secondary unit of the Washington State Patrol was involved in the investigation. According to the State Patrol, troopers responded to a single car collision at a Seattle-area highway ramp on Wednesday morning. Sherman's vehicle was allegedly hit a concrete barrier. According to State Patrol, the vehicle was found abandoned in a nearby lot and a hit-and run was issued because of its abandoned nature. Troopers checked the license plate of the vehicle, which was associated with the suspect.

According to the King County Superior Court Clerk's Office, Sherman may be granted bail once he appears in court.

Ashley Morris, Sherman's wife, spoke to the Seattle Times Wednesday.

Moss stated, "At the moment we're not going to make any statements, except that he didn't hurt anybody." Moss said that the incident did not cause any harm to my children. He is a decent person, and this is not his nature. We are doing everything right. "I want everyone to know that no one was hurt."

Free agents can sign with any team. Any incident involving law enforcement is investigated by the league. If a violation of the personal behavior policy is found, the player will be disciplined.

The NFL Players Association issued the following statement about Sherman, who is vice president of the NFLPA Executive Committee.

"We received information about the arrest of one of our players leaders last night for an alleged domestic abuse incident. We have activated our domestic crisis protocol to protect and support everyone involved." As more information becomes available, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.

Sherman spent seven of the first seven years in his career with Seattle Seahawks. Three-time All-Pro cornerback Sherman played his last three seasons with San Francisco 49ers. Sherman's contract was terminated after the 2020 season and he is now a free agent.

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