E-Sports: What Are You Missing Out On?

Could E Sports be a new norm? All of the evidence points to yes, we all may be hearing more and more about E Sports,

E-Sports: What Are You Missing Out On?

Could E Sports be a new norm? All of the evidence points to yes, we all may be hearing more and more about E Sports, as the sport makes it way into primetime television slots. E Sports are making their way into households around the world and are more common than many of us realize. E Sports are on the rise as a hot new trend in gaming and entertainment. Websites from NetBet Live Casino, to ESPN, are programming live video game competitions in leu of traditional sporting events. As the world enters into unknown territories in terms of social engagements, this seemingly underground sporting event is making its way to the surface, catching the eyes of many people across the world. Not only has the sport caught the attention of many viewers, but it has created a community of people with like interests. Companies, investors, and colleges are among the many that have been captivated by the new way of interaction and gaming.


So what exactly is an E Sport? E Sports is a genre of entertainment that consists of competitive use of video games. These multiplayer video game competitions have grown in recent history due to the improvement of technology, as the career of “pro gamer” emerges. Young people across the globe are participating in this online gaming universe and have become entranced by the idea that they, too, could be collecting a significant earning, just by participating in their already favorite past time.


Players range from amateur video game players, to professional gamers who make a living wage from their gaming expertise. The earliest sighting of an E Sport engagement was at Stanford University, an Ivy league school in California, in 1972. Although many engage in E Sports as a recreational hobby, many have created extensive careers from the sport. Gamers can participate as independent players, but often become part of a gaming team. Either way, the spectators keep showing up to watch these ‘pro gamers’ play. Colleges in the United States and China have seeked out gamers and offered scholarships to those who show potential at becoming a pro gamer. This trend only seems to be growing through the world and becoming a more substation and legitimate enterprise.

The Online World

Among these numerous companies that begin to embrace this new form of sport, NetBet Live Casino provides an online platform, with an extensive library of online games, for players to engage with. Games include Basketball Star, Football Star, Bicicleta, Golden Boot, and many more. Not interested in traditional sports? Try your hand at the large number of casino themed games that the website provides. NetBet provides traditional games you would find in a casino including slots, roulette, blackjack and more. As casinos across the world provide an environment for players to engage in a rush of excitement at all hours of the night, NetBet Live provides a similar experience. With 24 hour access to players, these games provide you with the rush of a real casino, while you relax in the comfort of your own home.

Above professional gaming careers and an engaging past time, E Sports are providing people with a social network that goes far beyond the sports. In today’s world of limited social interaction, this time playing E Sports could very well be the only time that many people are interacting and can be hugely beneficial for mental and emotional health. Teens and young adults flock to E Sports for the social connection that they are able to create; either through playing with others or just acting as spectators, watching some of the world’s best video game players.

Although you may have never watched an E Sports event yourself, the community is enormous and continues to grow to include professional athletes and celebrities.

The Covid-19 Impact

The world of E Sports is on the rise and a large audience begins to emerge, as more and more people are urged to stay home amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has canceled traditional sporting events across the world and has caused a significant amount of panic amongst die-hard sports fans. E Sports may be filling that void.

The novel virus, Covid-19, has shaken up the world in more ways than one and nobody could have predicted the impact it has had on so many parts of our daily lives. This impact includes the cancelation of many live sporting events around the globe. One thing that we know about people, is that they can not get enough of sports. From stats, to online fantasy leagues, to social gatherings, sports are the center of many people’s interpersonal worlds.

As we are urged by health professionals to social distance and limit personal interactions, many people lose the opportunity to connect with others and connect with the world of sports. E Sports has begun to fill the social need by providing an online platform for gamers and spectators to interact and appreciate a revolutionized way of sports viewing. As viewers are safely at home, finding themselves with an ample amount of time on their hands, more and more of them are turning to E Sports as a source of entertainment.

Never heard of E Sports before? That’s not surprising. Even though it doesn’t seem to have gained much traction in the public eye, the business of E Sports is extremely lucrative and has been around since the early 1990s. As technology and internet connections become better and better each year, so does the world of E Sports. Players from around the world are able to connect and compete due to the major advances in technology starting in the early 2000s. This new age way to interact, play and connect with others from across the globe has swept through the world almost unnoticed. As we all embark on a new way of living, E Sports may be something to look out for. Could this be your next investment? Could this be a source of entertainment during these troubling times? Either way, E Sports are here to stay

Updated Date: 11 June 2020, 08:25

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