Jrue and Lauren Holiday give funding boost to local Black-led nonprofits

Milwaukee Bucks Guard Jrue Holiday and Lauren Holiday, Olympic gold medalist, announced that they have invested $1 million in Black-led charities and businesses.

Jrue and Lauren Holiday give funding boost to local Black-led nonprofits

There were 50 grant recipients.Seven local businessesAndSix local non-profit organizations.

Milwaukee's businesses include PumpFive Fuel delivery service, Embody Yoga and Flora Fruit Co. Adullam Outreach is a nonprofit that includes Black Space, African American RoundTable and Future Urban Leadership Foundation. STRYV365, Urban Underground, and Urban Underground are also included.

The HolidaysAnnounced in May Their commitment to provide $1 million of unrestricted funding for Black-led businesses and organizations in multiple metro areas including Milwaukee, New Orleans and Indianapolis. This is the second round in grant distributions by the couple after their first round last autumn.

Jrue donated $5.3 million of his 2019-'20 NBA salary for the establishment of the fund to combat systemic racism.

Holidays released a statement saying that they were thrilled to announce the second round of 2021 JLH fund grantees. They also provided much-needed funding to businesses and non-profits in need. We also provide additional resources to support their growth by providing coaching and training cohorts to recipients. All JLH Fund recipients are part of our extended family. We couldn't be happier to work with these nonprofits and businesses.

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