NFL announces it will use the Black national anthem for all its 2021 games

According to the NFL, it is bringing back many elements of social justice messages from last season. This includes decals on helmets and signage on the field.

NFL announces it will use the Black national anthem for all its 2021 games

The continuation of the Black national song "Lift Every Voice, Sing" at flagship events. They also stated that they are adding PSAs to in-stadium events this year.

According to the NFL, it's an attempt to strengthen its 10-year, $250-million commitment to fight systemic racism. Since last year, Jay-Z and his Roc Nation record label have advised the NFL on its "Inspire Change” initiative.

According to 2019 statistics, nearly 60% of the league's players are black. Commissioner Roger Goodell stated last year that the NFL cannot afford to ignore its players deep concerns regarding racial justice. spoke to an NFL representative, who said that the league is still finalizing details for this season. Some fans are expressing dismay at the news and urging the NFL not to comment on social issues.

Five years after Colin Kaepernick's initial protest, many feel that the league's actions have not changed.

"There are no Black owners. There aren't many Black general managers. Robert Littal, the founder of Black Sports Online, stated that while there are fewer Black coaches, there isn't a lot of Black general managers in the NFL.

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