Recap: Qatar 3, Panama 3

In an epic 3-3 draw, Panama and Qatar split the points in Concacaf Gold Cup group D play. The sides combined for all six goals in a thrilling second half at BBVA Stadium Houston on Tuesday evening.

Recap: Qatar 3, Panama 3

After a long delay caused by severe thunderstorms, fireworks began with a Qatari goal in the 48th minute. It was followed by a penalty kick in the 79th minute from Eric Davis from Panama. This marked Eric's third equalizing goal.

Qatar scored the opener after a scoreless first frame. This set off a dizzying stretch in which the sides scored four goals in a span of 10 minutes. Afif won the first goal, pouncing on a feed from Pedro Miguel and scoring from close range.

Shortly after a corner, Panama equalized. This was achieved by Rolando Blackburn who scored a perfect header from Yoel Barrcenas' cross. Almoez Ali's shot from the right of the box was deposited into the bottom left corner. This made it 2-1. However, the gap was short-lived as Qatar took the lead again. Blackburn then completed another Barcenas cross.

The chaos continued, and Qatar took the lead again. This time, Qatar won a penalty kick. It was converted by Hassan Al-Haydos.

Panama responded with their penalty, which Abdelkarim Hashedan conceded and was upheld after Video Review. Davis scored the spot-kick in the top corner to level the contest. Each side continued to press desperately for a winner in the final 10 minutes of the match, but neither team was able to find one. The final score of 3-3 would stand.

Date Of Update: 14 July 2021, 17:00

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