The NC State baseball season comes to an abrupt halt in Omaha

The N.C. State baseball team won an unlikely run to Omaha, Nebraska and the College World Series. This was a moment of hope for Wolfpack fans who have waited decades for something to celebrate after enduring a decade-long drought in national championships.

The NC State baseball season comes to an abrupt halt in Omaha

It felt for a time like N.C. State's men's basketball might bring back the magic of 1983.

Yet, this year ended in heartbreak, just like many others before.

This one was more painful than others because State didn't lose on the field, but off it. It was defeated by COVID-19. This first left the Wolfpack exhausted in a loss on Friday. Then, on NCAA protocol, it forced it out the College World Series.

N.C. State nearly appeared to be destined for the College World Series' best of three finale just days ago after a 2-0 start at Omaha. Then, everything fell apart without the Wolfpack ever pitching.

In a statement released Saturday morning by N.C. State, Elliott Avent stated that "This is a heartbreaking circumstance and I'm gutted to all involved and for those who were captivated and by the heart and fight this team,". "Our medical staff, and our players, have done a tremendous job this season keeping us safe and getting us ready for play every day. This team is my favorite and many others who saw them this month fell in love with them. Even though we are all deeply saddened, this team will not be forgotten. It will always live on in the hearts of baseball fans and Wolfpack.


N.C. State was forced to play without several of its starters in Friday's 3-1 loss against Vanderbilt by the NCAA's COVID-19 protocol. Both teams were supposed to meet Saturday in the College World Series. But that will not happen.

The Wolfpack's season was also ended by the same virus-related issues.

The announcement that the defeat had occurred on Saturday at 2:10 AM was made, not on the field. The NCAA then announced in a tweet that Vanderbilt's Wolfpack game had been declared "a no contest due to COVID-19 protocols."

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