USWNT wins penalty shootout to secure Olympic semifinal berth

The United States women's team faced the possibility of being eliminated from the Olympic Games quarterfinals on penalty kicks for the second time in succession. They executed a nearly flawless shootout to overcome a strong Dutch side and make it to the semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics.

USWNT wins penalty shootout to secure Olympic semifinal berth

The U.S. scored all four of its kicks as goalkeeperAlyssa NaeherTwo key saves were made to win the shootout, 4-2Megan RapinoeTo send the United States through, he buried the decisive penalty in the upper corner.

Rematch of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup final, which was also won by the U.S., ended in a thrilling 90-minute match at 2-2 inside Yokohama Stadium.

A brace of Dutch stars was matched by the AmericansVivianne MiedemaWith goals starting atSam MewisAndLynn Williams. Williams, who helped Mewis score her goal, was rewarded by the USWNT coachVlatko andonovskiWe decided to surprise her with a new startChristen PressOn the right wing.

The match was evenly matched and the two women's soccer giants fought it out. In the second half, the United States was close to taking the lead. The United States also had the opportunity to take the lead in extra time. However, the Dutch were denied the ball by the offside flag. In four matches of the Olympic tournament, nine goals were disallowed by the United States.

The Netherlands had great chances to lead late, but Naeher saved them all -- even on aLieke MartensPenalty in the second period -- To keep the match at the same level and force spot kicks.

The penalty shootout was USWNT's first major tournament competition since losing to Sweden in the quarterfinals at Rio 2016 Olympics.Alex MorganWhile Press missed penalties, Hope Solo, the U.S. goalkeeper, saved just one.

Friday night in Yokohama saw both Morgan and Press score their penalties, while Naeher -- Team USA’s first-choice goalkeeper after Solo's 2016 suspension -- was denied by the Dutch twice.

The U.S. will face Canada Monday in an all-North America semifinal at Ibaraki Kashima Stadium. Canada was also eliminated from the quarterfinals by penalty shootout. They managed to escape a draw with Brazil, which had a 4-3 advantage from the spot.

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